July 24, 2014

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Why did they name the case Brown v. Board of Education. They were all 5 cases but why did they name that case Brown v. Board of Education?

History Fair Notecard help!

History Fair Notecard help!
How do you do history project notecards? I forgot how my teacher did it.

The average number of calories in a 1.5 ounce chocolate bar is 225. Suppose that the distribution of calories is approximately normal with standard deviation =10. Find the probability that a randomly selected chocolate bar will have a) Between 200 and 220 calories b) Less than...

0.21 dividen BY 1.25

Does the period of a satellite in a circular orbit increase or decrease as its distance from earth increases? Thanks :)

How much would £800,000 gain in interest over 30 years

orientalism of muslim and arab american
I'm here with the rest of you. Why does UOP ask questions they don't provide answers to? This concept is unclear and as far as I'm concerned not an integral part of the assignment, but b.s. my way through this and answer it I shall.

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