March 29, 2017

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There are 15 bits and 12 girls in ms.smiths class.What is the ratio of girls to boys written as a fraction in simplest form
January 11, 2017

english: language arts IV
Capitalation:Please identify which answer has ALL words properly capitilization. The houston zoo is a wonderful place for Children.
May 27, 2016

A rectangular air mattress is 200 cm long, 50 cm wide and 8 cm thick. If it has a mass of M=2 kg, what additional mass X can it support in water? Hint: Volume=L x W x H; Archimedes Forces B= (density of water) x V x g; M+X=B
October 15, 2015

I don't know how to do the last algebra part that DrBob22 did not explain. I have not taken algebra since 2 years ago it would have been helpful to see... I haven't found out the math part anywhere!
March 5, 2012

is the final and intial temperature in kelvin or celcius my calculations seem off
February 10, 2012

I don't understand the math to this !!!
January 29, 2012

a minute is 0.00000019 of year .calculate the part of a year a second represents ? express your answer in scientific notation.
January 4, 2012

a swimsuit discounted 65% on sale for $20.30.
December 18, 2011

1 enhance 2 Discern 3 Mobile 4 Orient 5 Attributes 6 Exemplify 7 Dispatch 8 Enigma 9 Attest 10 Nocturnal
September 14, 2011

8th grade math
-7x+7y=7 2x-2=-18 how many solutions does this system have ?
February 17, 2011

a student stands at the edge of a diving board that is 3 m high. the student's weight is 350 N. what is the student's gravitational potential energy relative to the surface of the water?
January 11, 2011

yes,because 5 grade get kind of hard for sum kids like me
October 24, 2010

we are doing about the flame test. we are using some metals like barium chloride,calcium chloride,copper,lithium,opotassium sodium and strontium. the flame of Colors are yellow-orange,red- orange,green-blue,red,pink,orange and red.We had to guess wat color is going to be?
October 19, 2010

give 2 commercial or practical uses of this flame color phenomena.
October 19, 2010

How do you simplifyan algebraic equation?
September 29, 2010

How do I suggest the need for affirmative action to a company for a homework assignment?
June 6, 2010

what are some possible nature poems with a rhyme scheme of AAAA or AABB or ABAB or ABCB WITH alliteration,metaphor,onomatopoeia,personification,and simile
May 5, 2010

You just divide 85 by 22, which will give you a decimal
April 23, 2010

at the time of the cease fire in 1953 south korea allied itself economically with
November 20, 2009

to divide Monomials
what are the steps to dividing monomials?
April 16, 2009

6 grade math
i need help
March 9, 2009

If you have 2coins to make 30cents but you can not use a nickel? That's impossible without a nickel. Unless, if you are allowed to make more than 30 cents, then you could use 2 quarters, but if you mean 2 coins=30 cents that can't be done. That's impossible without...
January 25, 2007

george entered a function into his calculator andfound the following partail sums s1=0.0016 s2= 0.0096 s3= 0.0496 s4= 0.2496 s5= 1.2496 determine the genral term of the corresponding sequence how would I approach this question? If this is a series then sn is the sum of the ...
October 18, 2006

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