March 24, 2017

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draw a line segment A B =6 cm and on it mark point C D E such that A C = C D D E = E B. draw a prependiculars to A B at C D E on the same side of A B.
December 21, 2016

If I could invent a new toy what would it be
September 22, 2016

the area of rectangular plot of land fenced all round is 2000 sq. yards and the total length of fencing 180 yards. find the length and width of plot.
December 13, 2015

Yes they are found in every sphere of the world because they are very firmly holding the earth and prevent it from rotating too fast so God has put them everywhere even in oceans and other planets
June 19, 2015

what happens when oil goes in the ocean. and what are the different effects
August 29, 2010

Managerial Economics
Given the demand & supply Function for product 'x' at california university have been estimated as: Qd= 5000- 4 (price)+ 0.2 (pop) Qs=-300 +5 (price)+ 0.5 (wage rate) i) determine the equilibrium price & quantity of product X. ii) Derive the demande & supply curves if ...
February 1, 2010

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