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A charge of -2.68 ✕ 10-9 C is at the origin of a coordinate system, and a charge of 7.77 ✕ 10-9 C is on the x-axis at 2.00 m. At what two locations on the x-axis is the electric potential zero? (Hint: One location is between the charges, and the other is to the l...

Physics please help desprate
A basketball player throws the ball at a 38° angle above the horizontal to a hoop which is located a horizontal distance L = 5.6 m from the point of release and at a height h = 0.4 m above it. What is the required speed if the basketball is to reach the hoop?

Organic Chem
What is the product of C13H10+CH3O

Does the folloeing sentence: It contains as many as ten thousand islands have any adverb clauses

Chemistry !
What is the mass, in grams, of 1.70×1021 molecules of aspirin,C_9H_8O_4?

thank yu ms.sue ! =)

they were, they were actually the same ones yu chose. bt yur welcome

did you see the answers i put up ?

1. c 2. a or b 3. b

if you have a leader though that would be political ,


2nd grade
because its a star, a ball of hot energy

algebra II
.625 , bt i dnt thinks its right

algebra II
multiply both sides .. is tht right ?

algebra II
thank you, can i ask yu another question? 3/8 / 2/3

algebra II

algebra two
14/ 4/7

algebra two
thank you soo much , would you like to help me somemore ?

algebra two
-11/ (-1/2)

what is the formula of a compuond formed by combining 50g. of element X and 32 g. of oxygen

9th grade Algebra
A spinner has 3 three sections, each with different point values and areas. -The 1-point section is 2/3 the area of the spinner. -The 2 point section is 1/4 the area of the spinner. -The 3 point section is 1/12 the area of the spinner. To the nearest tenth of a point, what is ...

you currently have 12 bottles on you shelf.and you want to keep a min of 6 bottles on you average sales is 2 per day what is the min you would order for enough bottles for 7 days

Roman History
Sorry I guess I didn't specify. I don't mean the English word for Mount Olympus, I mean whatever it translates to in Latin. Thanks :)

Roman History
We're having a map quiz and we have to name all these different places in Latin. What is the Latin name for Mount Olympus? Thanks for your help.

9th grade
hoq to solve equations using the quadratic forlmula. ex. 2Xsquare -7X +5=0 please ehlp

what does a centimeter dot array look like?

Social Studies
Tell me two Birds whose name begin with K? I just went to and searched for bird species. One of the sites seemed to have an alphabetical index, so I chose it ... the one above. So you can now choose which two you want to...

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