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A particle is moving along the parabola 4y = (x + 2)^2 in such a way that its x-coordinate is increasing at a constant rate of 2 units per second. How fast is the particle's distance to the point (-2, 0) changing at the moment that the particle is at the point (2, 4)?

A solution containing 4.5 grams of non-electrolyte dissolved in 125 grams of water freezes at -0.372 degrees. Calculate the molar weight of the solute.

good day! can you please give me the wave explanation for colors? i need it for my report tomorrow. i need an immediate answer please!

biology / plasmolysis of human red blood cells
Plasmolysis of human red blood cells would occur if the cell were in .. solution A) isotonic B) hypertonic C) hypotonic D) none of these I think it's B. I'm not too sure though.

Identifying controls and Variables
i need help with control and variables sheet with the spongebob and bikini bottom pals

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