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As each organism eats each other they transfer energy!! I'm doing the same thing lol

hi, could any1 tell me in basic words on "the environment and process of formation of schist and sandstone?? Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "'formation process' schist sandstone" to get these possible ...

The head of an industrial machine moves in a straight line horizontally backwards and forwards from a central position. The movement can be modelled using the sine wave d = 80 sin ( pie t), where d is the horizontal distance (in cm) from the central starting position, and t is...


What changes, if any, to the current condition of these tools would you make at the next meeting of the Federal Reserve? Explain why and the benefits/drawbacks of this strategy. You seem to have omitted part of the questin. What tools are you talking about? Monetary policy ...

Science Question 1

Hi, I have 4 questions regarding Biology. 1. Does a different chromosome number in two species represent a significant difference? 2. Chromosome 7 has an extra band at the top in chimpanzees; does this extra band affect the quantity of coding DNA? And does it make a ...

Chemistry (Check)
there are seven base units not five

How do you solve for x in this problems?? bx-2=10 x/2+e=9 5x+e=9 These are rather trivial. I will do one. The second: subtract e from both sides, then multiply both sides by 2.

decision making
Your manager is concerned and wants to make sure that you learned from this mistake and the likelihood of this happening in the future is minimal. Therefore she would like you to email her a reflective analysis about that decision. Be sure to address the following in your ...

Write in decimal form.94 17/ 1,000

in addition to previous Q: for eg: why is the oxidation state (#) of Ca in CaH2 "+2"? According to a p.table I have here +2 is the only oxidation # for Ca...but how is that figured? One other eg: the oxidation state (#) of the maganese atom in KMnO4.6H2O is "+7&...

What is the exact method/formula used to calculate oxidation state #'s? & how does one know when to use the correct oxidation state #? For example: Carbon carries 4,2,-4; Cl= 1,5,7,-1; and, Mn=2,3,4,7. Thanx. You use the seven rules in your text. Assigning of the oxidation...

A gaseous hydrocarbon (an organic compound consisting of C & H) weighing 0.232g occupies a volume of 102mL at 23 degrees Celcius and 749mmHg. Calculate the molar mass and identify the compound. The compound is: a)C2H4 b)C3H6 c)C4H8 d)C5H10 e)C6H12 How is this problem worked ...

thank you VERY much for your replies, DrBob. Another question, however: How many moles of ions -both cations and anions- are present in solution when 0.75 mol of potassium chloride is dissolved in 0.25L of distilled water? How do I work this answer to be: 1.5mol? KCl(s) + H2O...

how do I work this question out?: 50.00g of NaCl are dissolved in water to give a solution that contains 2.500% NaCl by mass. The density of the solution is 1.030g/mL. The volume of the solution is: a)941.8mL; b)1.942L; c)2.500L; and, d)50.0mL. I know the answer is "b&...

Find X 27^4x-2=243^3x=6 Please Explain Thanks Is this a repeat of the problem you posted earlier? If so, it should be 274x-2 = 2433x+6 You might try it the hard way. (4x-2)*log 27 = (3x+6)*log (243) Solve for x. I get -12. Post your work if you get stuck. You have too many = ...

Find X 27^4x-2=243^3x+6 Please explain how to do it. Thanks 27^(4x-2)=243^(3x+6) Notice that 27 and 243 are both multiples of 3 Changing them.. (3^4)^(4x-2)=(3^6)^(3x+6) 3^4(4x-2)= 3^6(3x+6) taking the log base 3 of each side. (4x-2)= (3x+6) and solve for x. That doesn't ...

what is NH3 in written form? ammonia As a note, it is becoming more and more common to see ammonia written in IUPAC form, H3N, and the ammonium Ion written as H4N+

Imagine you have a meeting with the CEO and other high ranking officers of a company that invests in distance learning start-ups. Your objective is to obtain a loan for a distance learning company that you would like to start. Fortunately, you have a mentor to whom you can ...

Business Management
As your first job as the new manager at the outdated, adversarial company, write a plan for changing its organizational structure, incorporating the following elements: Your vision of the new organizational structure for your division including how you would realign ...

chemical changes: hydrogen + oxygen = water or H20 and carbon+ oxygen = carbon dioxide or C02. Equation for the above are: Hydrocarbon + oxygen = carbon dioxide + water + energy. CH4+202 = C02+2H20 Physical changes are: wax (solid) melts into liquid. some of the waxy liquid ...

Are: Ba(NO3)2, Ti)2, MgI2, and Ca(CH3COO)2 soluble or insoluble in H2O @ 25degrees C? Here is a site that lists the solubility rules. You should know this table; eventually you will want to know it so well that it is memorized. If you still have questions after viewing this ...

CJ -- proofread please
The federal criminal pretrial process begins with the first appearance. This appearance is held before a magistrate during which the legality of the defendant’s arrest is initially assessed and the defendant is informed of the charges on which he or she is being held (...

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