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geometry isosceles
Find the altitude, perimeter and area of an isosceles trapezoid whose sides have lengths 10 cm, 20 cm , 10 cm, and 30 cm. how??

geometry easy
i am kelly nicole. i want to get the answer i posted it twice.

geometry easy
is number 1. = 7y=20 ? ?? i dont know help me on math please/

Calculate amount (in grams) of unknown acid used for titration. You want 30 mL of titrant to get the equivalence point. Assume that the base is 0.05 M and the unknown acid molar mass is around 400 g/mol.

A buffer consists of 0.14 M KHCO3 and 0.61 M K2CO3. Carbonic acid is a dirpotic acid with Ka1= 4.5*10^-7 and Ka2= 4.7*10^-11. a) which Ka value is more important to this buffer b) what is the buffer pH?

a ball is thrown vertically upward from the ground level with an initial velocity "Vo" - V sub zero a. derive a formula for the time at w/c the ball hit the ground b. use the formula to prove that the impact velocity by the ball is -Vo


Water is leaking out of an inverted conical tank at a rate of 700.0 cubic centimeters per min at the same time that water is being pumped into the tank at a constant rate. The tank has height 10.0 meters and the diameter at the top is 3.5 meters. If the water level is rising a...

math - calculus
Suppose that water is pouring into a swimming pool in the shape of a right circular cylinder at a constant rate of 9 cubic feet per minute. If the pool has radius 3 feet and height 11 feet, what is the rate of change of the height of the water in the pool when the depth of the...

A researcher studying the nutritional value of a new candy places a 4.90 gram sample of the candy inside a bomb calorimeter and combusts it in excess oxygen. The observed temperature increase is 2.75 degrees Celsius. If the heat capacity of the calorimeter is 29.50 kJ - K^-1, ...

Math- Algebra 2
write in vertex form (by completing the square)y=4x2+40x+96

Math- Algebra 2
write in vertex form (by completing the square)y=4x2+40x+96

line CD bisects AB at point C. Find AC if AB = 56 feet

line CD bisects AB at point C. Find AC if AB = 56 feet

line CD bisects AB at point C. Find AC if AB = 56 feet

the bases of two triangles are the same length. The altitude of the first triangle is 5 cm and the area of the second triangle is 3 times the area of the first. what is the altitude of the second triangle?

In a reaction, 34.6 g of chromium(III) oxide reacts with 12.3 g of aluminum to produce chromium and aluminum oxide. If 23.7 g of chromium is produced, what mass of aluminum oxide is produced?

Which of the following topics would lend itself only to a formal style of writing? A. Why Living in the Country Is Better Than Living in the City B. How I Lost 10 Pounds C. Folk Songs I Have Sung D. Psychological Effects of Nuclear Weapons

Which shows the proper coordinate notation for a rotation that is 180 degrees clockwise about the origin A. (3,6)->(6,3) B. (3,6)->(-3,6) c. (3,6)->(6,-3) D. (3,6)->(-3,-6) HELP please? Thanks

Use the quadratic formula to find the roots of x^2-6x=3

"It was a worthwhile trip," she said, "the city had many excellent museums." Should the be capitalized?

Environmental Science
We are using Chi Squares to understand if descrepancies in aniaml populations are random or significant. On the developed land, 20 traps were set. 7 Road runners were caught, and two were marked. On the Undeveloepd land, 20 traps were also set, but 11 Road Runners were caught ...

4th grade
Writing to Explain: Explain how you can use an array to find partial products for 4x36.

Given: segment DE is perpendicular to segment AB and segment AD is perpindicular to segment BC then Prove that BE times AD equals BD times CE

Solve each higher degree equation by factoring. The answers are suppose to be 0,-12, -1/2 2x^4+25x^3+12x^2=0

Math Check
I multiplied each fraction by (x)(x-4)

Math Check
Can you please see if you got the same answer as I did? Thank you. 3/x + 2/x-4 3x-12=2x subtract 3x from both sides you get -12=-1x divide by -1 final answer is 12.

Multiply and simplify 2/4n+6 times n^2+2n-3/n+1 Thank You for your help. It's greatly appreciated.

Can I reduce these fractions before I multiply them together? because when i multiply them I get some huge numbers. thank you 11/52 times 39/80 21/25 times 15/28 32/121 times 33/144 16/105 times 155/93

List all the elements of the following sets.

a 600N person picks up a 180 N suitcase positioned so that the suitcase's center of gravity is 20cm lateral to the location of the person's center of gravity before picking up the suitcase. if the person does not lean to compensate for the added load in any way, where ...

algebra 2 factoring

Find the time it takes for a water balloon dropped from a second story window and accelerating at 9.8 m/s² downward to hit a passerby on the sidewalk below. The balloon starts from rest and hits with a velocity of 15.9m/s

AIG 4th Grade Math

To Justine: 6th grade math
I'm sorry and here's a hint : E=m

I think it's NICE .

pilgrims, sorry

1 The Pilgeims who settled the Plymonth Colony: a.develpoed a harsh dictatorship under William Bradford. b.Created a truly democratic government for all men and women. c.Landed for the winter and planned to move to Virginia in the spring as they had planned to settled theere i...

hi i need help with science well see my teacher told us that we needed to do a science fair project but i don't know what i should do..????? u think u could give me some ideas to do for a science project????

Algebra- functions
How do I know how many possible zeroes of a function there are? I have a graph and i have to find how many zeroes there are.

Algebra- functions
How do I find the solutions and factors of a function when given only the graph?

1.What does the liquid flows? 2.What are the characteristic of liquid?


what is the chemical reaction that produces a polymer for of a biomolecule?

How come when someone asks a question others cant look at their question... all i see is the name of the person the subject and teacher of that subject!:( I tried to click on it to see the question and poof!!!! NOTHING btw wheres my question We can see them. Something is wrong...

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