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dress making
wanted some help with questions 1. You would like to add a row of tow metallic threads around the wrist of a dress made out of voile . what sewing method should be used to attach them?

Math- Statistics
Suppose 60% of adults have a college degree. If I take a random sample of 80 adults, what is the probability at least 50% of them have a college degree?

classify the followings; shark, horse, phylosgentic


physiology and morphology
morphorological classific the following dolphins

Physical Science
Write a paragraph or two about how and why has the atomic idea/model changed (Greeks 1600-1930)

Consider the average available for all hotel rooms from the previous assignment. Identify the point estimate of the average number of available hotel rooms in this lesson from each sample. Construct and Interpret a 95% confidence level for the true mean number of available hot...

maths factorization
X2 + 9X + 20 = 0

Algebra 2
a math teacher is randomly distributing 15 rulers with centimeters labels and 10 rulers without centimeter labels. What si the probability that the first ruler she hands out will have centimeter labels and the second ruler will not have labels?

find the relative extrema and points of inflection, if possible, of y = xln((x^4)/8) Any help would be awesome...thanks! (i know that the relative extrema come from critical values from y' and points of inflection come from y'')

I can't figure out this problem... 2x-2-(x-1) = 4-1+x-(-3x) solve for x Will you also show your work and check step Thanks, :)Juliet

i thought i could use delta x = Vx sqrt(2deltay/g) to find how far away the impact occured, but i'm not sure if that's what i was supposed to do. Please help asap! This homework is due tonight! Thanks!!!!!! :)

Batman is standing on top of a 201 m tall building. He kicks off the building with a horizontal velocity of 10 m/s. Joker is driving a car towards the building at 40 m/s. What is batman's velocity at the point of impact (with respect to the ground)? How far away from the b...

AP calc
okay, thank you!!!

AP calc
A gas barrel has the shape of a right cylinder with the radius of 5 ft. and the height of 15 ft. If gas is being pumped into the barrel at the rate of 3 ft.3/min, find the rate at which the gas is rising when the gas is 8 ft. deep. any help would be great!!

i am in sixth grade and i need help with homework.Okaay say they give you a figure and want you to find out how many hundreths tenths and one are in the figure.how do i do that?

differentiate: y=sin^2(x)- cos^2(x) I have this: y'= 2cosx + 2sinx What do i do next??

AP Calculus AB
Thank you!


solve the problem. the half-life of 234U, uranium-234, is 2.52 multiplied by 105 yr. If 98.3% of the uranium in the original sample is present, what length of time (to the nearest thousand years) has elapsed?

Life Orientation
Discuss 5 ways in which the human or environmental problem xenophobia impacts on the community.

Life Orientation
Human or environmental problem xenophobia impacts on the community within South Africa.

is a neon light a fluid?

Is a lightning a fluid?

find a number where the sum of itself and its cube is the same as twice the square if it

find four consecutive integers such that the sum of the squares of the first two is 11 less than the square of the fourth

How would you solve an exponential equation like this... 2^(3x+1)= 3^(x-2)

visual education i need an example of rhythm

3) A student dissolves a 1.18g aspirin tablet in water and titrates the solution with a .265M NaOH. 22.05mL of NaOH are required to reach the equivalence point. Calculate the percentage of acetylsalicylic acid in the tablet.

math 11
The axis of symmetry of a graph is the vertical line x=5. One of the x-intercepts is (11,0). What is the other x-intercept. Explain how to do this either by showing work or how to enter it into the TI83Plus. Up until now I've had equations to work with so this one has me s...

Solve the non linear equation x^2=3x+4 graphically using a calculator, Write the equations of the graphs you used to find the solution. I got this question wrong what would be my Y1= and Y2= equations. Not sure what I'm doing wrong but whenever I have an x^2 I get them wrong.

Solve the non linear equation x^2=3x+4 graphically using a calculator, Write the equations of the graphs you used to find the solution. I got this question wrong what would be my Y1= and Y2= equations. Not sure what I'm doing wrong but whenever I have an x^2 I get them wrong.

When an object is moved from sea level to the top of a really high mountain, what, if anything changes about the weight of the object? Could someone please help me explain this problem. THANK YOU!!!

A rock is dropped from rest into a well. The sound of the splash is heard 2.40 s after the rock is released from rest. (a) How far below the top of the well is the surface of the water? The speed of sound in air (at the ambient temperature) is 336 m/s. (3p) (b) What If? If the...

Roman Numerals
VI + I = IV Move only one I or V to make this equation true Juliet


what are the examples of suspension

What role should non-security personnel play in an emergency plan and disaster response? Should these roles be included in a procedures manual? Why or why not? How can a company or organization balance safety and liability issues with the use of non-security personnel during a...

math 12
without looking at cases Jamie just puts the CDs into cases. The cases belong to the CDs. how many different ways can the CDs be put in the cases? Is the answer 3!=6

math 12
How many different binary numbers can be present by a string of binary code with 5 digits if the first digit is 1 and the last two digits are 0?

Math 30
Describe how the graph of y=f(-2x+6)+7 can be obtained from the graph of y=f(x). I am not understanding this transformation unit at all.

I got the following question marked wrong and I was wondering if someone could tell me why I got it wrong. The question is of the 6 trigonometric ratios, if only cosine and secant are positive, the angle is in which quadrant? I said it was in the 4th quadrant.

How have the historical laws of the code of Hammarubi, Draco's Law, Law of the Twelve Tables, Justinian Code, Magna Carta, and the Statue of Westminster led to the development of security forces, both private and public? Why do you think the need for both private and publi...

grade 12 trig
If cos A-1=0, where 0<or= A< 2pi, then A=? The answer I got was pi/3,5pi/3. I don't know where I went wrong can you please help. thanks

Math 30
If cos theta = -sin theta,then sin^2 theta is what?

A printer can print 10 pages of text per minute or 4 pages of graphics per minute. How many minutes will it take to print 31 pages of text and 7 pages of graphics? Express as a mixed numer.

8th grade
what are proteins?how are they important to our body/

Romeo and Juliet please check my answer
In act 5 is this true? Bathasar delivers Friar's message to Romeo.

Romeo and Juliet Help Quick Question
In act 4 does the Friar give Juliet a drug or a potion.

Romeo and Juliet Help
In act 4 Juliet has several fears about awaking in the tomb. What are her two fears?

Romeo and Juliet True/false help
I need help with this true/false question that I don't understand, and I can't find it anywhere. 1. Capulaet changes the wedding day out of joy for Juliet's change of heart after seeing the Friar.

Romeo and Juliet (Quick true/false question)
I need help on this question in act 4 of Romeo and Juliet. 1. Capulet wasnts the wedding to occur soon as a way to get Juliet over her grief. Is this true?

I think it cold fever but I maybe wrong

Literature please read
Can Someone please Check my answers?

You might think this is crazy but I don't. I typed 3 pages of this text in my textbook and after the text there are questions I need you to check thanks sorry for so much. Shakespeare's World England in Shakespeare's Day William Shakespeare is widely considered to ...

The answer is wrong. Kc (Equilibrium Constant) is always <1.

Given Kc values: N2(g)+1/2 O2(g)<->N2O(g) Kc=2.7* 10^-18 N2O4(g)<->2NO2(g) Kc=4.6*10^-3 1/2N2(g)+O2(g)<->NO2(g) kc=4.1*10^-9 What is the Kc value for: 2N2O(g)+3O2(g)<->2N2O4(g)

What do waves transfer?

Why do we use the metric system to measure things in science?

What are the 7 steps of the scientific method?

What was the Civil War battle of Pea Ridge about? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Pea_Ridge SEX You are inapropriatly using this site and you need to stop.

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