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d/9=-10 d=? please go through the steps.
September 15, 2007

I have to memorize the 20 amino acids and some nucleotides...do you know where I can find some mnemonic tips for this???
September 12, 2007

so which is away and which is toward
September 11, 2007

September 11, 2007

a graph of an object moving a line (+ axes)on acceleration-time graph > how can i describe how an object might move to create this graph if it is moving away from the origin. >how can i describe how an object might move to create this graph if it is moving toward the ...
September 11, 2007

economics- opportunity cost
For how the opportunity cost vary? Answer: Because its expressed in relative price, and it price of one choice to the price of another.
September 10, 2007

ugh, im lost on this one....plz help =/ Describe the aims and results of the conciliar movement.
September 4, 2007

its quite easy, y is there ever any confrontation throughout history? its always about land....territory prty much all wars are over land
September 4, 2007

O sorry I didn't know that is what you meant. I will wait for the right person to answer it.
August 30, 2007

What does that mean?
August 30, 2007

English \ Psychology
Could you tell me what help needed is suppose to mean?
August 30, 2007

I am doing a project on Frankenstein and we have a quote "My vices are the children of a forced solitude that I abhor, and my virtues will neccesairly arise when I live in communion with an equal" I am having a hard time understanding what it means. I have to relate ...
August 30, 2007

AP Physics
Would it be correct to say that inertia is the reason a moving object continues in motion when no force exists? I think that is correct. Inertia is the property that allows an object to continue moving in the same direction and at the same velocity unless acted upon by a force...
August 19, 2007

The creature sat upright and tugged at the shackles binding his ankles, Frakenstein uttered a piercing scream I'm not sure what you are asking here, but if it's about the construction or any errors in what you've typed in, here goes: That is not a grammatically ...
July 19, 2007

zero economic profit?
June 20, 2007

if a magnet is moved in and out of a coil of a copper wire, electrcity begins to flow through the coil. True or False If the coil is in a closed circuit then electricity will flow, if not there will be only an induced emf.
June 7, 2007

how do you reduce a fraction Dividde both the numerator and denominator by the largest common integer possible. Then cancel them out. For example, in the fraction 15/25, the largest integer that is divisible evenly into both numerator and denominator is 5. So you would write ...
June 3, 2007

look at this other chart- 36 of 200 cat owners prefer human food only, 116 out 0f 200 perfer pet food only,48 out of 200 pet owners perfer human and pet food so what percent of cat owners repoter that their cats liked either human food or pet food only. Write the percent as a ...
May 31, 2007

look at the chart- out of 150 dog owners 75 perfer human food only,45 perfer pet food only and 30 perfer both human and pet food. So what percent of dog owners reported their dog likes either only human food or only pet food? P(human food) = 75/150 = .5 P(pet food)= 45/150 = ....
May 31, 2007

social studies-HISTORY
information on ajanta caves-physical environment,ways to protect,need to protect http://www.jiskha.com/search/search.cgi?query=ajanta+caves Please check these various links (except the first one, yours) to find previous answers to this question. =)
May 19, 2007

The famous mathematicians,their life and contribution in the field of mathematics.PLZ help. The list of famous mathematicians is a long one. You can at least a dozen names here: http://www.mathematicianspictures.com/Shirts.htm#Themathematicians Pick some you are interested in ...
May 16, 2007

Actually, it is posed as part of a questioned to be answered within 350 words... interesting no? From what I can tell, the reasoning lies in the fact that e-commerce hasn't really been shaping legal systems, so much as e-commerce is defined by the legal systems of which ...
April 13, 2007

What causes surface tension? Please and thanks for the help. intermolecular forces, that is , molecules attracting other molecules, and "holding fast" together. Here are a couple of pretty good sites where you can read more about it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...
April 9, 2007

Social Studies
what is a tariff like for a simile like imperialism is like a giant octopus strecthing it's tentacles across the world A tariff is like a mosquito, draining a little blood from many victims.
March 29, 2007

A positive message would be: your hair looks nice today.
March 14, 2007

The isotope caesium-137, which has a half life of 30 years, is a product of neuclear power plants. How long will it take for the amount of this isotope in a sample of caesium to decay to one sixteenth of its original amount. Explain answer 30 years 1/2 60 years 1/4 90 years 1/...
March 6, 2007

Which action would result in more (financially) valuable product: taking one proton from each nucleus in a sample of gold or adding one proton to each gold necleus? Explain (ignore the role of elections on the atom) Make the protons add up. 79Au ==> 1p + zzW Calculate zz, ...
March 6, 2007

Science help please...
what element results if two protons and two neutrons are ejected from Radium what element results if two protons and two neutrons are ejected from Radium Look up the atomic number for radium, and subtract two. What element has that number? Radon??? a theory about hoe or why ...
March 5, 2007

Algebra 1
Driving down a mountain, Tom finds that he has descended 1800 ft in elevation by the time he is 3.25 mi horizontally away from the top of the mountain. Find the slope of his descent to the nearest hundredth. slope= descent/horizontal change 1800 feet to miles, there are 5280 ...
February 3, 2007

What is the role of rhetoric in influencing people's attitudes and beliefs? How can readers distinguish between prejudicial and non-prejudicial use of rhetorical devices? Please check out the following posts and links: Posted by Ms. Sue on Tuesday, June 20, 2006 at 9:47am...
January 30, 2007

I'm confused with how to solve this problem, so help would be great! The volume of any spherical balloon can be found by using the formula V= 4/3 pi r^3. Write an equation for r in terms of V and pi 4/3*pi*r3 = V Multiply by 3 3*(4/3)*pi*r3 = 3*V 4*pi*r3 = 3V r3 = 3V/(4*pi...
January 21, 2007

I'm confused with how to solve this problem, so help would be great! The volume of any spherical balloon can be found by using the formula V= 4/3 pi r^3. Write an equation for r in terms of V and pi All this is asking you to do is get r=something. First, I would divide ...
January 21, 2007

Managerial Accounting Help
Cotta Cots uses a standard cost system in which manufacturing overhead is applied to units of product on the basis of direct labor-hours (DLHs). During August, the company actually used 6,100 direct labor-hours and produced 2,500 units of product. The standard cost card for ...
December 19, 2006

social studies
The answer is Linen.
November 16, 2006

Please help me with this? What are some properties of a candle? height, smell, color, .... How can I identify those when I don't know what the actual candle looks like? The question just asks for the properties of a candle. It doesn't describe it.
November 5, 2006

Bus. Math
How much money should be deposited each year for 30 years at 3% to accumulate $1000,000? I find that an EXCEL spreadsheet is very helpful for these kinds of problems. If one deposits an amount P, growing for 30 years, the amount will grow to P*(1.03)^30. You want to solve for ...
November 2, 2006

what is u, w, and z? what are you asking?
October 10, 2006

Chem Titration and pH
Calculate the pH at 0mL, 5mL,...40mL for a 10.0mL aliquote of 0.100M Na3AsO4 (weak base) titrated with 0.100M HCl pKa1 = 2.25 pKa2 = 6.77 pKa3 = 11.60 Thank you First you should write equations to know where we are in the titration. At the beginning, we have the hydrolysis of ...
October 7, 2006

Easy Math
32=2 5
October 7, 2006

how do you write an equation and state what the variable n represnts. 54 -n- =24 If you're writing an equation where you need to state what the variable is, then you need to end up with an equation where n is the only thing on one side of the equal sign. Take your equation...
October 4, 2006

AP chem
October 1, 2006

novel= death on the ice
why did most of the men keep heading toward the Stephano?
September 22, 2006

A Ferris wheel with radius 14.0 m is turning about a horizontal axis through its center, as shown in the figure below. The linear speed of a passenger on the rim is constant and equal to 6.60 m/s. What is the magnitude of the passenger's acceleration as she passes through ...
September 19, 2006

A baseball thrown at an angle of 55.0 degrees above the horizontal strikes a building 16.0 m away at a point 8.00 m above the point from which it is thrown. Ignore air resistance. Find the magnitude of the initial velocity of the baseball (the velocity with which the baseball ...
September 19, 2006

Suppose the modified quota is 7.87
September 12, 2006

I just wanted to say thanks 4 all the answers people have given me ! Also 4 the people who tryed 2 answer them!
September 9, 2006

life science!
Whats the difference between decomposer,consumer,and producer? give an example of each and tell how producers make their own food. I looked in my book but it just doesnt say anything about any of those 3 things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For food: A producer grows/makes...
September 9, 2006

what is an interjection? Try www.dictionary.com what key would you use forlesson7-1 homework helper online I wish someone would answer my question the telling me to look it up!!!!!!!!!!! what question????????????????????? what question????????????????????? to JULIE http://...
September 8, 2006

what does a sixteenth note = ? A sixteenth note is half of an eighth note. it half of a half of a beat
August 27, 2006

Physics egg
Could you hardboil and egg on the moon? Options: *Yes, because water boils spontaneously on the moon. *No, because water boils at such a high temperature that it would cause the egg to disintegrate before it became hard-boiled. *Yes, because the atmospheric pressure keeps the ...
August 9, 2005

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