March 1, 2017

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The height of a missile (h), in feet, is given by the equation h=8000t-16t^2, where t us time in seconds. What is the time it takes to reach the maximum height?
October 3, 2013

math problems
If you cut a pizza into 45 degree wedges meeting at a point other than the center and two people eat alternative slices, do they each get the same amount?
March 11, 2012

there are 7 identical spheres each colored on the inside with one color in more than 4 of them. When 2 spheres of the same color touch each other they both glow in color. Using as few comparisons as possible, find a single spehere that has the majority color. How many ...
March 11, 2012

If radio waves are not compressional waves,like sund waves, what is their role in enabling us to hear music?
December 4, 2007

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