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solve using substitution 3x-4y=-5 x=y+2 HELP Me.!
February 25, 2008

why energy from the sun is important to the water cycle?
November 8, 2007

October 5, 2007

what can be an example of global apartheid? like something recent that has been going kinda drawing a blank =[ thanks
October 4, 2007

Shakespeare's "Othello"
What evidence is there that Othello may have been a Mexican? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. A Mexican may have played Othello but if you are referring to Shakespeare's Othello: A Christian Moor and general of the armies of Venice. P.S. Perhaps you ...
June 9, 2007

Philosophy Question
Who are some famous Mexican philosophers? Check this site for a list of some of Mexico's philosophers. Ah, most of these guys are white. I want some real latino philosophers, please. What does skin color have to do...
June 8, 2007

Spanish Help, Por Favor!
Please help me correct the following paragraph for grammar, spelling, and word usage. Thanks! El testigo del Jehová estaba parado en el borde de la tabla y gritó para sus pantalones. Desafortunadamente, los tres enanos habían funcionado ya lejos, llevando ...
June 7, 2007

Philsophy Question
Are there any famous Mexican philosophers?
June 5, 2007

4, 6, and 8 c in a c what is the question? trying to solve this brain teaser what does each c mean? example: 4 q in a g = 4 qts in a gallon
May 16, 2007

May 2, 2007

what were some of the achievements of the mali king sunjata
March 9, 2007

SS Statistics
what activi linked Aksum with Rome
March 9, 2007

Christine scarfed that whole bag of chips herself what is another way of saying scafed wit out using slang Did she steal them? Did she grow them? Did she step on them? Did she twirl them in her hair? What did she do with those chips? ?? the diffigult thing is that it doesn'...
December 13, 2006

ionic or covalent
Sucrose is dirty like frienly fire in the African jungle in the winter of November 32, 1904 when the chimp attacked Joshua in the feast of Chrisy. All are Welcome
June 19, 2006

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