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What elements of the U.S. system for redistributing income creates the leaks in the bucket?
March 5, 2007

math ( subtracting fractions)
7 1/3 3 5/6 How many more hours does april need to drive
January 31, 2007

Physics/Science #3
25.2=Vo(2)+.5(-9.8)(2^2) 25.2=Vo(2)-19.6 25.2+19.6=2Vo 45.1=2Vo Vo=22.55m/s
January 25, 2007

science fair- clown fish
I need a topic for my science fair experiment-I'm in the 6th grade and I would like to do something w/ clown fish, but I'm not sure what my hypothesis should be, please help. We own a pet shop so have have a lot of access to salt water stuff. P.S. It can't do harm ...
January 21, 2007

What is a tree map? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here is a definition of "tree map" as concerning languages: Family Tree of Indo-European Languages:
January 12, 2007

what makes the use of variables diffcult to understand? what makes them difficult to understand is : Depending on which variables are used somehow they have to predict just how they vary, and what factors influence the variation this is what i got helped on from the tutors ...
January 9, 2007

Estimating Quotents
How do you estimate quotents and find a overestimate or a underestimate? If you know please please let me know! I searched Google under the key words "estimate quotients" to get these possible sources:
January 4, 2007

social studies
what was the magna carta????. help with study guide for midterm in social studies It is an written agreement signed by King John of England in 1215, limiting the powers of the King. It is one of the most important legal documents leading to the development of constitutional ...
December 16, 2006

Pigskin Geography
with what
December 9, 2006

write a meaningful sentence using the words: metallic, grand, electron Free electrons make metallic bonds, and in the world of metallurgy, these metallic bonds form the grand characteristics of metals: tensile strength, ductility, and conduction.
November 13, 2006

Write a meaningful sentence using the words: metallic grand electron. Use these terms as key words for a search. Even though this is not my area of expertise, I did. (Broken Link Removed)
November 13, 2006

Write a meaningful sentence using the words: covlent,atoms,sharing. You probably mean "covalent", not "cvlent". You write the meaningful sentence; we will be glad to critique it.
November 13, 2006

I think that I a SWAA stands for "it's a small world after all"
September 20, 2006

September 16, 2006

What is another word for a microscope's eyepiece? It starts with an O and has to have 6 letters. And what does Ocular mean?
September 12, 2006

what is the capitol of columbia how to spell spanish numbers Thank you for using the Homework Help Forum. Since you don't say how many numbers you want, here is up to 21. céro, uno (sometimes un/una), dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis, siete, ocho, nueve, diez, once (11...
September 6, 2006

What factors affect the function of an enzyme? pH, temperature, substrate concentration, as well as enzyme concentration are typical.
September 4, 2006

I have a US History project that's due... I have to make a map of North America in 1756 with: -20 major European settlements -French, Spanish, English colonizations -Native American Tribes -20 major geographical features And, I'm in really big trouble. I've never ...
September 4, 2006

Biology: Methods of Protein Chemists?
I've tried looking around, and have had trouble researching this subject. Anyone know a site where they describe the various methods used by protein chemists to engineer new medicines? I would suggest talking to a professor of pharmacology at a university. Below are a few ...
July 9, 2006

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