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algebra II
Help me solve this problem that I missed, so that I can see where I went wrong. Synthetic Division (3X3 -2x +5). (x-2) I would set it up with the following algorithm to do synthetic division (this is how I do it and how I taught it, the ----- are simply there to keep the ...
August 7, 2007

Documenting a website for research paper
I cant find it in my text book, can someone tell me how you document a website for the bibliography. also in parenthetical foot note things in the paper do you just use the author of the website? oh also, if the site doesnt tell the author??? (Broken Link Removed) Hold your ...
July 2, 2007

Alexander the great fact
I have a research paper due shortly and well when i was taking notes i didnt label a few of them(stupid i know) so now, I returned the books to the library, and i wrote the paper, and one fact which I think is good is that the seers he brought with him said the gods were ...
July 2, 2007

8 workers together at the same rate finished a painting job in 5 hours. hour long would it take 12 such workers working at the same rate to finish the same job? each worker finished____(fraction) of the job in one hour. 12 workers finished_____(fraction) of the job in one hour...
April 13, 2007

The 2-cm (radius) current loop shown in the figure is changing from θ1 = 11 degrees to θ2 = 66 degrees in a magnetic field 2 T in 0.5 seconds. What is the magnitude of the induced emf to the nearest hundredth of a millivolt? The wire in Problem 2 has ...
March 27, 2007

Research Paper
can someone tell me what the MLA style is? my textbook is requiring it for my paper but is not explaining it? Here are some MLA websites; the first one is the most thorough and the best: (Broken Link Removed) Please repost if ...
March 9, 2007

social studies) Question:How many distance is Japan from the US? It is 6760 from New York Ciy to Tokyo It is 4791 miles from Seattle to Tokyo It is 3862 miles from Honolulu to Tokyo It is 2444 miles from Anchorage to Sapporo Take your pick The last entry (2444 miles) is ...
January 22, 2007

word riddle help please
what material is something that a person doesn't have?
December 11, 2006

Suppose that four times the square of a number equals 20 times that number. Whatis the number? It'll take you 45 seconds if you just plug in a few numbers Again -- putting the subject in the subject line helps. =) 4 n^2 = 20n zero is one solution. Solve for n.
November 26, 2006

Suppose that the width of a certain rectangle is three-fourths of its length, and the area of that same rectangle is 108 square meters. Find the length and the width of the rectangle If you put the correct subject in the subject line, you're likely to get a faster response...
November 26, 2006

November 26, 2006

Research Paper
I have to write a research paper but I dont know what to pick as a topic. I want something simple. Last time i chose Napoleon and it was overwhealming. Can anyone suggest a simple topic that is easy to research. Preferable historical. Mozart disco John Kerry some topics that ...
November 3, 2006

world geography
The native people of Australia are known as
November 1, 2006

simple subject notes Please explain more exactly what you need and we'll be glad to help you.
October 11, 2006

d. a beak and wings
September 25, 2006

which fraction is less than 6/7 a)9/8 b)8/9 c)10/8 d)13/14 e)5/9
September 15, 2006

what is is called (both terms) when somthing makes a sound but no one is aroun to here it? Plz this is 4 my h work It could be many terms. Unobserved Source comes to mind. Surely you are not wasting much class time in physics class on this.
September 6, 2006

what is the largest domain of the following functions f(x)=3x-5 f(x)=square root of (x+4) f(x)= 2 over x-4 f(x)= sqaure root of (x2-9) f(x)= 2 over x(x+7) Hopefully you've solved these by now. I just noticed the question and see there's no reply. The question is "...
September 1, 2006

Type Sketch - Cynic
I have to do a type sketch of a cynic...but i really am running out of ideas...this is what I wrote so far but i need a couple more points. Any ideas please? ************************************* The cynic is a person who is skeptical of life. They are weary of the motives of ...
July 14, 2006

Report on Middle Class Today!
I got this assignment and I have to do it TODAY! Write an essay on the necessity of a content, hard-working, middle class to the maintenance of a democratic government. I really have no idea what to write and i need to have it done today. Can anyone please give me some ...
June 28, 2006

History - Vercingetorix
I have to write a report on the Gallic king Vercingetorix. It needs to be 1 - 2 pages long but I cannot find very much information on the web.(ive seen Wikepedia ect..) Could anyone refer me to a website containing information on him? I have to finishe this report in 2 days. ...
June 19, 2006

Algebra 2
I have no clue on this one. How would you solve: us the (IN) key to express each number as a power. Then use the rules of logarithms to find the answer. (45,332 x 10^5)(33,654 x 10^-4) ------------------------------- 93,153 (that is a fraction.) please help.
June 18, 2006

Algebra 2
how would you solve: the current in the river flowed at 3 mph. The boat could travel 24 mph downstream in half the time it took to travel 12 mi upstream. what was the speed of the boat in still water? please help. The time required to go any distance upstream a distance L is L...
June 18, 2006

Please help. I know I asked this before, but the answer was lost during the upgrade. Show that 0.00317 is a rational number by writing it as a quotient of integers. (the 317 has a line over it.) please help. thats hard really hard im in grade 5!!!!
June 15, 2006

Algebra2 again
How do you: Complete the square as an aid in graphing. [I put exponents in ().] y = x(2) + 4x - 2 Please Help? The complete square of the x^2 binomial is x^2 + 4x + 4 = (x+2)^2 Therefore, add 6 to each side of the equation and you will have this still-valid equation with a ...
June 11, 2006

How do you get: Show that 0.00317 is a rational number by writing it as a quotient if integers. (the 317 has a line above it.) Please Help? Bob Pursley showed how to do that very question in an earlier post. Look back perhaps 2-3-4 days and you will find it. I did look earler...
June 11, 2006

math question corrected
a farmer bought chickens, goats and sheep. the cost of a chicken is .50 goat is $3.50 and sheep is $10 He bought 100 animals and spent $100. how many of each animal did he buy please help! I need this for school tomorrow Since you have two equations and three unknowns, there ...
August 18, 2005

a farmer bought chickens, goats and sheep. He bought 100 animals and spent $100. how many of each animal did he buy If this is an algebra problem, you need to know the cost of each animal. There is not enough information. sorry, the cost of a chicken is .50 goat is $3.50 and ...
August 18, 2005

a farmer bought chickens, goats and sheep. He bought 100 animals and spent $100. how much of each animal did he buy a farmer bought chickens, goats and sheep. He bought 100 animals and spent $100. how much of each animal did he buy I assume he bought all of each animal. It is ...
August 18, 2005

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