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You are given the following decomposition reaction of ammonia NH3 ---> H2 + N3 unbalanced When you decompose 12.0g of NH3you produce 1.87 g of H2 Calculate the percent yield of H2

mass of crucible- 26.4574g mass of crucible and hydrated sample- 27.7617g mass of hydrated sample 1.3043g mass of crucible and dehydrated sample- 27.5693g mass of dehydrated sample- 1.1119g mass of filter paper- 0.7089g mass of filter paper and copper- 1.1418g mass of copper- ...

display all the possible truth values involved with a set of sentences.

how much heat is required to melt 15 g of ice which is at a temperature of 0 degrees celsius

Imagine a car involved in a head-on crash. The driver, whose mass is m, is to be brought uniformly to rest within the passenger compartment by compressing an inflated air bag through a distance sc. Write an expression for the average force exerted on the bag in terms of m, vi,...

what happens when Limit as x approaches infinity A) (sqrt(9+10x^2))/(7+9x)

what happens when the limit goes to infinity 4x-6sqrt(x)

why is the pressure more on ground when a person is walking than when he is standing ?

how does the weight of an object change with in sea change with densities ?

can i have multiple choice questions on thermodynamics: relationship between work and heat, the first law of thermodynamic, and the second law of thermodynamic

math 117
can someone help me with this radical numbers problem? (2suare root 8)(2-square root 8) would it be 2 square root 4?

progamming JAVA
1.Write an algorithm, in English, to solve the following problem. Be sure to include pre- and post-conditions! 2.Problem: Solve X mod Y for all positive integers. Do so without using multiplication or division. 3.What is (7 / 3) + (4 % 5)?

Programming JAVA
1. What is 9.9 + (11 % 8)? 2. Write one line that creates a variable named Pickles that can hold an integer and assign it the value of ten.

what is the best way to synthesize 4-isopropylbenzonitrile?

what amine forms an N-nitrosoamine on treatment with NaNO2 in dlute aqueous acid at 0 degrees celsius?

organic chemistry
What compounds gives diethylamine, on reduction with lithium aluminum hydride?

what will the structure look like if a tetrahedral intermediate is formed during the reaction of an ester with an amine?

organic chemistry
what site dr bob

organic chemistry
what is the first and second step in a alkene halogenation reaction

what is the best synthesis of 4-isopropylbenzonitrile?

how do you prepare m-bromophenol (E)?

what amine is forms an N-nitrosoamine on treatment with NaNO2 in dilute aqueous acid at 0' C?

what is the major species present in a solution of glycine at a ph of 2

which substituent increases the acidity of a phenolic hydroxyl group when located next to it? CH3- CH3Cdouble bond O -C double bond N

how do you convert methyl-CH2CH2CH2CH3 to methyl-CH-CL-CH-CL-CH2CH3

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