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math angles
write 1 capital letter that has an acute angle and 1 that has a right angle.

what is poin of view

science help plzzz
I don't have a clue. What about you?

Wouldn't it be 15%?

The cost lunch is $29.40, and Maya $33.81 in all. What percent was the tip that Maya left?

If a person throws a water balloon, the height (in feet) if the water balloon is modeled by the equation: h=-16t^2-5t+100, where t is in seconds. When will the water balloon hit the ground?

p(less than 3 and consonant)

Public Health / Science
Thank you so much for your assistance!

Public Health / Science
Where can I find the top five health problems in Florida? I have checked the Florida Department of Health site but I am not having luck. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

NaHCO3+CH3COOH→H2CO3+NaCH3COO the mass of can changes after reaction, what would be a logical mass?

given 3 fat samples and told that one of them contains cholesterol,outline the test you would use to identify which of these samples contains cholesterol.

y=cos^-1(6pi/7) Is the answer undefined? Thanks for your help.

wat is 1.71 to 4.56 in its simplest form?

AP Economics
I think I am thinking too deeply into it. Is it simply (1), what to produce?

AP Economics
Which economic question does the decision to produce butter instead of guns answer? 1.What to produce? 2.How to produce? 3.For whom to produce? 4.Who has a comparative advantage in gun production? 5.Who has an absolute advantage in butter production? I am a little confused on ...

is the momentum and force the same for a equal mass cars when: 1. they collide head on both at 30 m/s. collides with a brick wall at 60m/s

Write five sentences about the role of education in successful financial planning, in which you correctly use a different verb tense in each sentence.

math 5 grade
the answer is a because 6 times 2 eaquals 12 and you times thirty and twelve together and thats how you get 300 the easy way and how you could check if you are correct you could divide three hundred by 12 and you would get your answer. another way you could do it is dividing 3...

Q: What were the negatives of the new market economy? What were the positives of the new market economy? How did the creation of a single market economy shape American values and the economy of today?

5m -2 = 33 while i know the answer is m=7 therefor making the equation read: 5(7)-2=33 how do I show my work

Grammar and Composition
write three analogies using antonyms of your own

social studies

Characteristics of Interpersonal Communication
I am suppose to write a 1 page essay explaining 2 of the 6 characteristics of interpersonal communication an illustrate how each one is demonstrated in your communicaton style. Including at least one quotation from research

if an engine must do 500 joules of ork to pull a 10 kg load up to a height of 4 meters what is the efficiency of the engine

I am in need of some help in being able to locate information for this assignment as it seems as though I am unable to locate the information for it. Select a culture with which you may or may not be familiar with. Trace its evolution into what is the modern-day pharmacy pract...

math - fractions
Hello, I need help for my 5th grader...Solve the problem by working backward. Write the ans. in a compl. sentence. Mara followed a recipe she found on the net to make her own perfume. She started by adding jojoba oil to a small bottle. Then she added 2 1/3ozs of sandalwood oil...

The lord of the flies-English
What does ralph say to the twins when they refuse to help him?

hi i was just wondering if u could help me with this math problem. find dy/dx at the indicated point in two different ways (a)solve for y as a function of x and differentiate (b) differentiate implicity. 1. y^2=3x+1 (5, -4) how do u do this in two ways? im confused. and whats ...

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