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A ladder is leaning against a wall. It touches the wall 60 feet from the ground. The bottom of the ladder is 20 feet from the wall . What is the Slope of the ladder ?

Fossil fuel was formed over hundreds of millions of years ago by decomposing plants. After a long period of time, layers and layers of rock, mud, and sand covered the dead plants thousands of feet under the earth, which made them fossilized

# If the divisor is not a whole number, move decimal point to right to make it a whole number and move decimal point in dividend the same number of places. # Divide as usual. Keep dividing until the answer terminates or repeats. # Put decimal point directly above decimal point...

For any element: Number of Protons = Atomic Number Number of Electrons = Number of Protons = Atomic Number Number of Neutrons = Mass Number - Atomic Number For krypton: Number of Protons = Atomic Number = 36 Number of Electrons = Number of Protons = Atomic Number = 36 Number o...

thanks bob i mean i tried to post the link but it didnt allow it. lose.

When talking about something that might or might not happen, a special tense called the subjunctive is often used. It’s not just a verb tense —it’s a MOOD—throwing some emotion or opinion into the sentence. Using the subjunctive can be tricky for English sp...

i guess i made the same mistake she did?

yes they are all correct, i tried them on my calculator.

great jiskha ideas
okay staff i came up with some great ideas. -I can make a poster for you guys so people can hang ads up all around their school for this site. -make a saynow number for people to call in saynow DOT COM -be more like ask rose? add some more features, better websites, free chat ...

i sure did =)

i was wondering if i could become a tutor or are you guys just robots? like how could i? and what are the rules?

U.S. history - 2000s
in my past school years, i learned about it in 6th grade. thats when it hit me hard. it all depends upon your state laws and regulations for student requirements.

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