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What is the process of maintaining a cells enviroment called?

Last Question...
Roman Noodles are enriched refined wheat flour and was wondering if anyone knows if this kind of pasta is considered low-glycemic complex carbohydrate.

10th grade Chemistry
go to tenth grade sience from google then go to the site that you think will help you the most

Quick question...
Are Roman Noodles considered refined pasta?

This is my essay. I was wondering, if its not asking to much if you could edit it for me? or just tell me whats wrong with it? In Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen tries to change the views of the Regency Era on marriage, class, and reputation through the use of satire. During ...

Matt travels 2 and one half miles to get to school. this is 3 times the distance that Jen travels. how far does jen travel?

1/4 < 1/2 < 2/3 < 3/4 Give them a common denominator of 12 (because that's the "Least Common Multiple" of 2,3 and 4): 3/12 < 6/12 < 8/12 < 9/12

Chemistry: help please
I am assuming that you are using mastering chemistry. If so you should have a graph that displays the answer. You just have to look at the graph follow 12 degrees C on the graph to where it intersects with the line and your answer would be the y value. In this case the value ...

thank you :)

i need help finding the themes of this essay. i know that 1 possible theme is about losing something when you learn something. But my teacher said there was another theme on " the importance to look in-dept" i'm not sure what he meant by that. Mark Twain's 2 ...

thanks for your feedbacks. However, my teacher told us that for this essay, the real thesis is in the last 2 paragraph. And because that this isn't written in regular english, it gets more confusing.

can someone tell me what is going on in this essay and the thesis of it. i'm so confused.....

Nothing seems at first sight less important than the outward form of human actions, yet there is nothing upon which men set more store; they grow used to everything except to living in a so- ciety which has not their own manners. The influence of the social and political state...

What was the answer?

Using the following equation: F=ma Solve for m.

Poem: Incident in a rose garden: By Donald Justice
These answers made me sob

is fun

CHemistry....Please help
thats rite


what are pure substances

Social Studies
What is a right action; good quality? We are learning about India, and I'm not sure what it is asking here.

The temperature dropped from 44 degrees farenheit to -56 degrees farenheit in Browning Montana in a 24 hour period. By how many degrees did the temperature change?

math probability
this is a probability question... Suppose you are asked to choose a whole number between 1 and 13 inclusive. (a) what is the probability that it is odd?...7/13 (b) What is the probability that it is even?...6/13 (c) what is the probability that it is a multiple of 3?...4/13 (d...

What parallel patterns do the law of april 6 and the intolerable acts have in common? How are they different?

On July 19, 1969, Apollo II's orbit around the moon was adjusted to an average height of 188 kilometers above the moon's surface. The radius of the moon is 1810 kilometers, and the mass of the moon is 7.3 x 1022 kilograms. a. At what speed did it orbit the moon? b. How...

please help me unscramble this word

2 (3x-2)

can someone please help with this problem ? (3X-2)2squared thank you

I don't think mosquitoes live long enough that acquired resistance to insecticide exposure would be a factor. But the bacteria analogy is correct. What happens is that natural resistance to insecticides varies in a given population of mosquitoes. When they are sprayed, ...

math 116 appendix D

if shirt's are sold 3 for $50 how much would it cost if you bought 14 shirts?

How would one distinguish successful from unsuccessful assertions of judicial power? What is it that puts Marbury in one class and Dred Scott in another?

ponctuation, mechanisme, and writing
After sliding into second base, Alex realized the outfileder had dropped the ball.

Native Americans have cultivated tobacco since around 4,000 years ago. They may have used it as early as 15,000 years ago.

What are some of the issues that the US Department of Commerce deals with? Any links or suggestions are most welcome. Thanks!

For cosa, do you mean -1/2?

Thanks. I didn't think my answer made any sense. I tried to do too much, instead of taking the derivative of the law of cosines equation, which I had used initially...

Is 4.39 rad/hour right?

On a certain clock the minute hand is 4 inches long and the hour hand is 3 inches long. How fast is the distance between the tips of the hands changing at 4 pm?

List five physical properties of a quarter.

how does a time/distance graph look. What soes a horizantal and diagonal line mean.

Solve two speed problems with a different missing part of the formula.

Give an example of when average speed would be used instead of instantaenous speed.

List the particles that make up an atom. What are their charges? How are they arranged? What is the approxiamate amu of each particle?

Roma tomatoes are a traditional Italian ingredient, which isn't to say that Italians don't use other cultivars of tomato.

The average speed of a hydrogen molecule at 20*C is 1930m/s. What is the wavelength of the H2 molecule at this temperature?

Science riddle

human behavior
If a person is not famous, why do people watch that person(they don't do anything illegal). What makes people superstitious?

How is the temperature change in an alcohol related to how storng the intermolecular forces are?

5th grade math
10 squared - 10 + 3 = 93 where do the parentheses go

is this correct? the derivative of A=.5absin(theta) where a and b are constants, is A'=.5ab*cos(theta)

thank you so much, that makes so much more sense now!!!

Find the values for which f(x) = x^10-10x and if 0 (less than or equal) to x (which is less than or equal to) 2. a) f(x)has a local max or local min. Indicate which ones are max and which are mins. b) f(x) has a global max or global min could you kind of give me a hint on how ...

How would you find the derivative of (3/(x^3-4)) by using the chain rule?

world geography
I need help in this exam 6648y does anyone have it

would it be 6 zeros?

assume polynomial f has exactly two local maxes and one local min. what is the largest # of possible zeros of the function???

6 object that do not reflect light?

The verb gustar refers to the direct object. The literal meaning of gusta is "it is pleasing" or "it pleases." Le is referring to the person who is pleased by the object. Therefore, gustar refers to the object and not the person. If the object is plural, ...

Oxycontin is one of the strongest.

Religion.... I think you will know this.....
Jesus was Caucasian. Not much is known about him historically, but it's certain he was a Palestinian Jew, and as such, a semite. Semitic peoples are Caucasian. It should be noted that the concept of race among humans is complex, because humans travel, and are promiscuous--...

n = [(z*sigma)/E]² = [1.96*$4,500)/$100]² = ($77,792,400 / $10,000) = 7,779.24 = 7,780

show that 1-(x/2) is the tangent line approximation to 1/sq rt(1+x) near x=0 i know the formula for apprx. is y = f(a)+f'(a)(x-a) but i don't understand how to work backwards to get this.

Plz help ASAP... Biology!!
Why might the process of photosynthesis be considered a bridge between the living and nonliving parts of the world?? Thanks in advance.

Having a problem with this question.. Why might the process of photosynthesis be considered a bridge between the living and nonliving parts of the world??

How do i find area? its length times width right?

As you drive down the road at 21 m/s you press on the gas pedal and speed up with a uniform acceleration of 1.24 m/s2 for 0.60 s. If the tires on your car have a radius of 33 cm, what is their angular displacement during this period of acceleration? in radians

It sort of depends on where you draw the line, but older political philosophies would include those of Plato, Aristotle, Montesquieu, Locke, Hegel, Hobbes, etc. Older moral or ethical philosophy is embodied in the Biblical traditions, Buddhism, etc, as well as, again, Plato, ...

I suggest searching "mycelia" or "mycelium" for the first and "fungal fruiting body" for the second. Wikipedia works, or general Googling. Also, try "mushroom."

i have already looked at these sources and i need specific ones that really showcase how he was a really good politician and more on his PHILOSOPHIES

Between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson, how did Alexander create a greater lasting influence upon the American political traditions as a result of their political principles and philosophy?

S.S 8 grade
i for get some definions on centrey and i want to know

I'd say if you are interested in playing rock/blues/jazz rather than classical/folk/flamenco, you're better of going right to an electric guitar. Electrics are easier to play, and you're going to have more luck finding an appropriate tone for the music you want to ...


critical thinking
Which of the following is most accurate? A) An appeal to precedent is a type of inductive generalization. B) An appeal to precedent is a type of analogy. C) An appeal to precedent is a type of disjunctive syllogism. D) An appeal to precedent is a type of causal argument.

Chemistry Lab
Are you titrating? Qualitative testing? Just what? If the copper is in solution you can filter the ppt (or let the ppt settle and decant some of the supernatant liquid) and to the filtrate or the decanted liquid add some more NaOH to see if additional ppt will form. If I have ...

Chemistry Lab
How can you tell that you have not added enough NaOH to precipitate all the copper as copper hydroxide?

social sudies
Thank you

social sudies
what was the first five books of the hebrews bible called?

Social studies
was it the first 10 commandments?

Social studies
What were the first five books of the hebrew? please help me

what is the antiderivitive of the squre root of two

A 5kg rock sits on a 3m high ledge. What is its potential energy?


Close, w^2 + w - 2w -2 = w^2 - w - 2

Close, x^2 + 9x + 20

Yes, 2. A prime number is a number that is only divisible by 1 and itself. So, two is divisible by one and itself.

For #4, since soot darkened the trees it made dark peppered moths less visible than the light moths. Since, the dark moths were unable to be seen they were able to out survive the light moths.

2x^2+13xy+15y^2 =(2x + 3y)(x + 5y)

I do not know where to start

A race car constantly accelerates from 0 to 100 m/s,south in 12.5 s. A)What is the car's acceleration vector? B) How far does it travel in that time interval? C) What is its average velocity?

I think the OP means to ask if "identifying" is a past participle or direct object. But I could be wrong...

Social Studies
What are some of the lasting impacts of European colonialism in the Congo's developing world?

Critical Thinking
The great French historian Jules Michelet (1798-1874) sympathized with the French Middle Ages and with the Revolutionary epoch in France, yet he wrote his best work on the despotic French monarchy, which he despised. 5) The statement above, if true, would most clearly support ...

6th Grade Science
whaylkhkhjflsh l

6th Grade Science
whats up peeps I HATE SCHOOL

sci 275 envioromental science
I posted this back in August: To answer your question, you have to understand a couple of things. First, limbless salamanders are descended from limbed salamanders. In other words, limblessness isn't a primitive, but rather a derived trait for salamanders. Limbs have been ...

social studies
Why was it so easy for the spanish to 'conquer' the Western Hemisphere?

Or, "printed circuit board."

I am incorrect in this scenario.

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