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Find the values for which f(x) = x^10-10x and if 0 (less than or equal) to x (which is less than or equal to) 2. a) f(x)has a local max or local min. Indicate which ones are max and which are mins. b) f(x) has a global max or global min could you kind of give me a hint on how ...

How would you find the derivative of (3/(x^3-4)) by using the chain rule?

world geography
I need help in this exam 6648y does anyone have it

would it be 6 zeros?

assume polynomial f has exactly two local maxes and one local min. what is the largest # of possible zeros of the function???

6 object that do not reflect light?

The verb gustar refers to the direct object. The literal meaning of gusta is "it is pleasing" or "it pleases." Le is referring to the person who is pleased by the object. Therefore, gustar refers to the object and not the person. If the object is plural, th...

Oxycontin is one of the strongest.

Religion.... I think you will know this.....
Jesus was Caucasian. Not much is known about him historically, but it's certain he was a Palestinian Jew, and as such, a semite. Semitic peoples are Caucasian. It should be noted that the concept of race among humans is complex, because humans travel, and are promiscuous--...

n = [(z*sigma)/E]² = [1.96*$4,500)/$100]² = ($77,792,400 / $10,000) = 7,779.24 = 7,780

show that 1-(x/2) is the tangent line approximation to 1/sq rt(1+x) near x=0 i know the formula for apprx. is y = f(a)+f'(a)(x-a) but i don't understand how to work backwards to get this.

Plz help ASAP... Biology!!
Why might the process of photosynthesis be considered a bridge between the living and nonliving parts of the world?? Thanks in advance.

Having a problem with this question.. Why might the process of photosynthesis be considered a bridge between the living and nonliving parts of the world??

How do i find area? its length times width right?

As you drive down the road at 21 m/s you press on the gas pedal and speed up with a uniform acceleration of 1.24 m/s2 for 0.60 s. If the tires on your car have a radius of 33 cm, what is their angular displacement during this period of acceleration? in radians

It sort of depends on where you draw the line, but older political philosophies would include those of Plato, Aristotle, Montesquieu, Locke, Hegel, Hobbes, etc. Older moral or ethical philosophy is embodied in the Biblical traditions, Buddhism, etc, as well as, again, Plato, t...

I suggest searching "mycelia" or "mycelium" for the first and "fungal fruiting body" for the second. Wikipedia works, or general Googling. Also, try "mushroom."

i have already looked at these sources and i need specific ones that really showcase how he was a really good politician and more on his PHILOSOPHIES

Between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson, how did Alexander create a greater lasting influence upon the American political traditions as a result of their political principles and philosophy?

S.S 8 grade
i for get some definions on centrey and i want to know

I'd say if you are interested in playing rock/blues/jazz rather than classical/folk/flamenco, you're better of going right to an electric guitar. Electrics are easier to play, and you're going to have more luck finding an appropriate tone for the music you want to ...

critical thinking
Which of the following is most accurate? A) An appeal to precedent is a type of inductive generalization. B) An appeal to precedent is a type of analogy. C) An appeal to precedent is a type of disjunctive syllogism. D) An appeal to precedent is a type of causal argument.

Chemistry Lab
Are you titrating? Qualitative testing? Just what? If the copper is in solution you can filter the ppt (or let the ppt settle and decant some of the supernatant liquid) and to the filtrate or the decanted liquid add some more NaOH to see if additional ppt will form. If I have ...

Chemistry Lab
How can you tell that you have not added enough NaOH to precipitate all the copper as copper hydroxide?

social sudies
Thank you

social sudies
what was the first five books of the hebrews bible called?

Social studies
was it the first 10 commandments?

Social studies
What were the first five books of the hebrew? please help me

what is the antiderivitive of the squre root of two

A 5kg rock sits on a 3m high ledge. What is its potential energy?


Close, w^2 + w - 2w -2 = w^2 - w - 2

Close, x^2 + 9x + 20

Yes, 2. A prime number is a number that is only divisible by 1 and itself. So, two is divisible by one and itself.

For #4, since soot darkened the trees it made dark peppered moths less visible than the light moths. Since, the dark moths were unable to be seen they were able to out survive the light moths.

2x^2+13xy+15y^2 =(2x + 3y)(x + 5y)

I do not know where to start

A race car constantly accelerates from 0 to 100 m/s,south in 12.5 s. A)What is the car's acceleration vector? B) How far does it travel in that time interval? C) What is its average velocity?

I think the OP means to ask if "identifying" is a past participle or direct object. But I could be wrong...

Social Studies
What are some of the lasting impacts of European colonialism in the Congo's developing world?

Critical Thinking
The great French historian Jules Michelet (1798-1874) sympathized with the French Middle Ages and with the Revolutionary epoch in France, yet he wrote his best work on the despotic French monarchy, which he despised. 5) The statement above, if true, would most clearly support ...

6th Grade Science
whaylkhkhjflsh l

6th Grade Science
whats up peeps I HATE SCHOOL

sci 275 envioromental science
I posted this back in August: To answer your question, you have to understand a couple of things. First, limbless salamanders are descended from limbed salamanders. In other words, limblessness isn't a primitive, but rather a derived trait for salamanders. Limbs have been ...

social studies
Why was it so easy for the spanish to 'conquer' the Western Hemisphere?

Or, "printed circuit board."

I am incorrect in this scenario.

32 g X (1 mL / 2.78 g) = 11.51079137 mL The g will cancel out, and you will be left with the mL unit, which is a unit of volume.

I would google "habitat loss" and "threatened tropical forests." You should get tons of information related to your question.

11th grade
In order to show relationships, and in order to organize the naming and understanding of life. Modern classifications are based on our best guess of evolutionary relationships (look up "systematics" and "taxonomy" on Wikipedia), and help us to know what cri...

Scocial sudies
so the mountains arent close to the river?

Scocial sudies
But would that make it still flood?

Scocial sudies
How can air masses affect the nile river lower africa wouldnt the mountains protect it?

What Dangers does Nuclear radiation do to humans

social studies
The family grew peanuts.

Ms Sue wrote: I'd rank "who paid for the research" as # 1. I wouldn't trust a pharmaceutical company that pays for research for its own drug. Um, I'm no great fan of the pharma companies, but for the record, they pay for most of their own research, and we...

One reason is practicality: unless the species has a very limited distribution, (i.e. consisting of one or a few small populations), it's just not feasible to observe and study in its entirety. Think about a bird like a turkey vulture: it ranges across North America and in...

What is the smallest number which when divided by 10 leaves a remainder of 9, when divided by 9 leaves a remainder of 8, when divided by 8 leaves a remainder of 7 & so on until when divided by 2 leaves a remainder of 1?

social studies
with each line of latitude you cross, moving from the north pole, you get near the____________?

If it's "absolutely" pure then it would also be an element, no?

If you mean what factors compel people to become entrepreneurs, the classic answer is that someone gets an idea about a new product, or a new way of doing something. I think in actuality, though, most entrepreneurship is spurred by people getting to the point where they hate t...

Why do smaller pieces of wood burn faster?

To add to what Ms. Sue said, capitalism has thrived because of regulation. Prior to govt rules requiring disclosure and regulating markets, sharp recessions and economic crashes were more common. One thing to bear in mind is that Adam Smith's entrepreneurs bear little rese...

social studies
Direct democracy is when people govern themselves (making decisions through debate, persuasion, voting on a proposal or issue of their choice) rather than through a representative or by merely voting on a ballot measure. An example would be the traditional New England townhall...

Because many people choose lives that have little to do with commerce, accumulation of material goods, etc. Think of certain religious orders: the focus is on other aspects of life besides the economic. Models of economic behavior are imperfect because what motivates people is...

effect or affect.
It's not a dumb question... Use "effect" in this case. Link here: web.ku.edu/~edit/affect.html

Try Googling "Of Mice and Men" with "character" "analysis"

What is the Content Management System ? is there any other feature i need to implement for e-commerce site ?

poetry titles?
Call it "Gorgonzola." It's a wonderful word, and will make the teacher think.

vocabulary english
although the storm left the family...., it could not.... their spirits.

what is the exponent of 729 of

Identify the rate,base, and amount in the following application at this point. Business and finance. In a shipment of 750 parts, 75 were found to be defective. ahat percent of the parts were faulty?

8th grade
unscramble the work riday it is a literature word

The "scientific method" doesn't actually exist, other than as a general description of some scientific activities. The methods of science depend on the kind of science one is engaged in. For example, many studies in biology are basically descriptive and observati...

A "theory" in everyday use is basically an hypothesis, often not more than an intuition, opinion or guess. In science, a guess is called a hypothesis. A (capital "t") theory is sort of a grand explanation of many phenomena. Although nothing in science is ev...

Supply is what someone has (goods or services for sale or barter); demand is how much of it people want.

College Admissions: USC
Does anyone know the latest time to take the SAT score so that I can send in a USC app by its Dec. 1 deadline? Thanks.

To answer this, think about yourself as a customer of a business. What things are important to you in your relationship with a manufacturer or a service provider? Are you affected by advertising? Are you influenced by the style or approach of a company? By their social contrib...

2nd grade science
Horse flies aren't a social insect, like honeybees or some wasps which live all together in a nest, but they tend to congregate where there is a source of food, and places to lay their eggs. So, usually when you find one horsefly, you'll find a bunch more.

Axia College Environmental Science
Do a search for "vestigial limbs salamanders" and "limb reduction salamanders evolution." I'd also suggest rereading your text material on natural selection: to answer this question you have to understand that evolution (adaptation and speciation) is th...

Not all animals are shaped differently in cooler climates that in warmer ones. Some may look very similar, but have a shorter season of activity. Ms. Sue is correct in pointing out that for warm blooded animals, insulation in cooler climates is important, and this may be achie...

I'm not sure if you mean "statutes" instead of "statues" (both of which would be odd there anyway) but "conventions" are things that are considered the customary or usual way of doing something, or behaving. So, are there language traits, or r...

Do a search at Wikipedia on "Scientific Method"--it gives a nice breakdown of what science is. If you quote it directly, make sure to cite it in your paper.

If you think about this question, you should be able to come up with evaluation tools on your own. Go to the basics: what does "sales" mean? How is it measured? If you divide the total territory by four areas, you now have the possibility of comparisons. What should ...

Do you think it is necessary for a person in your field of study to learn psychology and neuroscience? Explain your answer.

Also, a lot of the most expensive sorts of healthcare (e.g. dialysis for diabetes) are the result of chronic conditions that often can be prevented. If everyone saw a doctor at the onset of symptoms, or was able to access healthcare professionals who could advise on diet and o...

its skinny and it gives u three turns

Describe the kinds of inventory federal express corporation holds. What are the costs associated with each kind of inventory? Compare the types of FedEx’s inventory to that of Starbucks. What are some of the differences? What may account for the differences in types of in...

AP Bio
First of all, there is no such thing as "too successful" from the point of view of a species, unless its success (ability to reproduce and thrive) results in the destruction of its environment. From a human perspective, an introduced plant or animal that does well (a...

It sort of depends on how you want to define "effective," since the examples that would seem to work ("A" and "D") aren't actually true.

To answer your question, you have to understand a couple of things. First, limbless salamanders are descended from limbed salamanders. In other words, limblessness isn't a primitive, but rather a derived trait for salamanders. Limbs have been lost secondarily. Secondly, yo...

Critical Thinking
Be careful I used answers and god an F

An open-top shipping crate with square bottom and rectangular sides is to hold 32 in^3 and requires a minimum amount of cardboard. Find the most economical directions.

Um, your reference makes the following statement: "We seldom see the dash used this way in formal, academic prose." That may be true, but that's not the same as saying that the use of the em dash is "not grammatically correct." And "formal, academi...

Writeteacher is correct. However, the use of an "em" dash instead of a hyphen there would be correct in many situations.

(e^x - 1 )/(x^2 - 1) < 0 Any way to get started? I'd appreciate any help. And also, xlnx + 1 > x + lnx

AP Biology
It's difficult from your statement to guess what exactly you understand, and what you're having trouble with. If you're not getting the gist of the assignment, you'll need to review your lessons and textbook for a description of evolution and adaptation. (Revie...

light + 6CO2 + 12H20 --> C6H12O6 +6O2 Hope that helps.

Precalc (LOGS)
1. (e^x - 1 )/(x^2 - 1) < 0 2. The inverse of ln (3 - x) ? 3. Simplify x^3 - 3x^2 + 2 = 0 Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you so much for your time.

2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 oAnalyze federal express working capital management. Explain why the company’s operating and cash cycles are currently optimized. If you think they are not optimized, explain why. *Analyze the company's working capital management based on their ...

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