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math - gr 12
February 23, 2009

math - gr 12
the social convenor has 12 volunteers to work at a school dance. Each dance requires 2 volunteers at the door, 4 volunteers on the floor, and 6 floaters. Joe and Jim have not volunteered before so the soicial convenor does not want to assign them to work together. In how many ...
February 23, 2009

because iron is magnetic so when he put the magnet near the iron it attracted to the magnet,black was just happened to be the color
February 3, 2009

I trying to find out what life was like in England in 1564 on rich and poor people, what jobs, kind of places they lived, social life, how much money to live, what food and drink they had. I have been unable to find a website that gives me this information. I hope you can help...
February 3, 2009

On a hot sunny day.... why is the chrome fender of a white convertable car with its top down cooler to touch, than its dark red plastic seats? Is it because the lighter the color is, the less heat is absorbed? why id an asphalt sidewalk warmer to touch on a sunny day than a ...
April 5, 2008

THERMAL PROPERTIES OF MATERIALS: 1)One average, which is hotter in the summer, a city far away from any large body of water or a similar city located near a large body of water? I'm not sure about the reason why, but I think the answer is a city located near a large body ...
April 5, 2008

thank you, Jimmy
March 24, 2008

If I am given the circumference(2368) how can I find the diameter and the radius? Can you help?
March 24, 2008

If I am given the circumference(2368) how can I find the diameter and the radius?
March 24, 2008

calculate the mass given element of each of the following compounds a) brimine in 50.0 potassium bromide, KBr b) Chromium in 1.00 kg sodium dichromate Na2Cr2O7
March 13, 2008

world histoy
why did the United States declare war on Germany?
January 27, 2008

Um are you trying to say i am dumb...i happened to say i looked for 2 hours because you people only answer peoples questions who beg, so thanks for ur help :P
December 16, 2007

What type of party system do we have in the united states and why? i need an answer cuz ive been looking for 2 hours and am so frustrated!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
December 16, 2007

A bank loan officer rates applicates for credit. The rating are normally distributed with a mean of 200 and a standard deviation of 50. Find the P60, the score which separates the lower 60% from the top 40%. I get 212.7, using the normal distribution tool at http://psych....
August 4, 2007

Each member of the sorority has to make their own bed. Sounds like a little Freudian tounge in cheek here. make their own bed should be make her own bed. Unless boys are now allowed in sororities, in this topsy-turvy world.
May 19, 2007

Health Project Ideas for a female reproductive system
i need ideas how to make a female reproductive or male reproductive made in clay or play doh other material its for school i'm a medical assistant student
February 6, 2007

math check please
January 18, 2007

maht correction
Wayne owns 15 shares of Iowa stocks that has a current market value of $47.25 per share. If he sells the sotcks for $50.00 per share, what will his total profit be?
January 8, 2007

word unscramble
September 28, 2006

orientalism of muslim and arab american
WOW...Here I am 2 years and 8 months after the question was first asked and only 5 months after the last post, looking of the answer to the same question...and yes I am taking Eth/125 at UofP. I am glad to see that other people were as confused as I am. Also, to let you know, ...
August 6, 2006

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