August 24, 2016

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jyoti public high school
1 hunt "kida" ek bijli k khmbe par jiski lmbaai 20 feet h roz din me 3 feet chhadhta hai aur raat ko soty ..soty 2 feet neeechy khisak jata h btaaiye vo kida us khambe k upr kitne din me chdkr baith jaaega ......?
October 22, 2015

Coordinate Geometry
Please help!!!!! The points A,B,C,D have coordinates (3,3), (8,0), (-1,1), (-6,4) respectively. a) Find the gradients of the lines AB and CD b) Show that ABCD is a parallelogram c) Find the coordinates of the point of intersection of the diagnols AC and BD. Please help me by ...
December 19, 2012

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