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math word problems
Package A weighs half as much as Package B. Package B weighs four times as much as Package C. The total weight of Package A and Package C is 648 grams. Find the weight of Package B.

Find the sum a+(a+1)+(a+2)+…….(a+n-1) in terms of a and n

From the foot of a building i have to look upwards at an angle of 22 degrees to sight the top of a tree. From the top of a building, 150 meters above ground level, I have to look down at an angle of depression of 50 degrees to look at the top of the tree. A) How tall is the tr...

Social Science
Please Help

Social Science
Please help!

Social Science
Reading this article, Happiness is a thing called stable extraversion: a further examination of the relationship between the Oxford Happiness Inventory and Eysenck's dimensional model of personality and gender Determine what the independent and dependent variables are in t...

Workers who wash windows or paint the outside of buildings use an interesting contraption known as a painter's lift. This consists of a harness that the worker wears suspended by a rope. The rope runs through a pulley mounted on the roof of the building and back down to ha...

Lang. Arts
Ms. Sue is correct. :)

Life Orientations
Human factor that cause ill health?

what is annuity?

I just have a question....How to know if the volt is -ve or not? and How to know if a charge has deficit or excess electrons ?

viy=25sin45 vix=25cos45 a)let height be zero (y=0) you can use y=vit+1/2at2, the use quadratic formula to find t b)after you find t in part a...use x=vixt x will be the horizontal distance of the ball c) vfy=0m/s use vfy^2=vi^2+2ay y will be the maximum height a=g=9.8m/s^2 .. ...

language arts
I think it's the rising action.

English - Ms. Sue help
The correct answers are 1.B, 2.C, 3.B, 4.C. Julia is correct. :)

Language Arts Need Help!!
Which of the following is the best revision of this sentence from the passage? "He was not happy that Willard wanted to leave."

Lang Arts
And also, the correct answer for # 3 is b. :)

Lang Arts
The correct answer for # 2 is d. Just did the quick check. :)

What is the frequency of X-rays of 10 nm wavelength? 6 x 10^16 Hz 3 x 10^16 Hz 3.00 Hz 6 x 10^8 Hz

What is the wavelength of visible light of 6 x 1014 Hz frequency? 500 nm 400 nm 4000 nm 4 nm


Math (kindergarten)

this site is a piece of trash

I can't think of one

Calculus 12th grade.
I don't know how to do this

algebra 1b
The maximum height it reaches is 27.6 ft, because that is the vertex of the parabola

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