March 28, 2017

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Let m = monthly fee Let u = upfront fee 3m+u=154.95 u=-3m+154.95 (3 months fee + upfront fee) 12m+u=559.95 (12 months fee + upfront fee) 12m+(-3m+154.95)=559.95 9m+154.95=559.95 9m=559.95-154.95 9m=405 m=$45 (Put both equations together to find monthly fee) 3m+u=154.95 3(45)+u...
March 23, 2016

horseluver is going to heaven bless u u angel
April 15, 2015

Physical science
A cross country runner runs 12km in 41 minutes. What is his average speed?
November 28, 2012

If Trapezoid JUNE has bases of length 12 and 30, what is the length of its median segment?
January 12, 2011

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