August 1, 2014

Posts by Jessica-- please help!

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Brittany throws a slingshot pellet directly at a target that is far enough away to take 0.190 s to reach. How far below the target does the pellet hit? Enter m as unit. How high above the target should she aim? Enter m as unit.

A ball rolls off the edge of a balcony at 8.0 m/s. Find its speed after 3.8 s in the air. Use g = 10. m/s2

A car sits in the parking lot. Above is a cargo plane, flying horizontally at 61 m/s. At the exact moment the plane is 182 m directly above the car, a crate accidentally falls from its cargo doors. Relative to the car, where will the crate land? Enter m as unit and use g = 10....

A football is kicked 65 m. If the ball is in the air for 4.3 s, find its horizontal velocity vx. Enter m/s as unit and use g = 10. m/s2. What is its initial vertical velocity vy? Enter m/s as unit. With what initial speed was the football kicked? Enter m/s as unit.

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