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I only checked 7 and 20..both are wrong.

what is the speed?

If you heat a thin, circular ring in the oven, does the ring’s hole get larger or smaller? When the lid of a glass jar is tight, holding the lid under hot water for a short time will often make it easier to open. Why?

I think it might be anatomy and physiology.

algebra 1
42/60 divide both by 6 and you get 7/10..try the rest on your own and someone can check the answers for you

4th grade
Shanya, Do 3 x 6 and then count the amount of zeroes in that problem and put that many 0's after.

5y-5x+z..This is as far as you can go unless you have more information

Run out of things to say/writers block

Does 6(3)-6(7)=-2?

It's false because when you have two whole numbers such as 5 and 2, under division it becomes 5/2 (or 2 1/2), which is no longer a whole number.

6th grade Math
4y+7=51 4y=44 y=11 Are you sure you wrote that correctly? There is no need for that parenthesis.

8th grade
Common are obviously the ones that each number has in common. List both, like I did above, and see which numbers are in both groups. Post specific questions with your answer if you'd like them checked.

8th grade
Factors-a number can be evenly divided without a remainder Examples: Factors of 16 are 2, 4, 8. Factors of 24 are 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12. Multiples-result of multiplying by a whole number. Examples: Multiples of 2 are 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, etc. See how you are just counting by 2's? M...

What is the book you are writing about? What's the main theme of it?

26=30-36a -4=-36a 1/9=a

What is the "correct" problem? There is information missing. Please clarify.

What you have above is 5+7=7+5, which is a true statement. This is the commutative property because switching the numbers around does not effect your answer in this case.

6th grade math
3/4 x 5/7 x 1/2 All you had to do was coming up with three numbers that multiplied to 15 (those were your numerators, or top numbers) and come up with three numbers that multiplied to 56 and have them as your denominators, or bottom numbers.

Math Problems
She did answer the questions. I think that's what the = sign is that she put by each problem.

Please re-read what you wrote and fix it. It can't be "less four". That doesn't make sense.


Associative property, because the parenthesis are just moved around.

Commutative means you just switch the numbers around and get the same answer.

A gift of money
That's a strange question..

Supplementary means adds up to 180. Complementary adds up to 90. -10x+53-5x-8=180

5th grade
The mode is the number that occurs the MOST. Which number here do you see more than any other number?

11th grade math
4(x^2-4x+3) You can factor this further by seeing which 2 numbers subtract to 4 (your middle term) and add to 3 (your last term). Post if you want it checked/need help.

I'm not positive, but I think you do it like this. Check my work based on your notes/textbook. 6C2=6!/(6-2!)2!=6!/4!2!=6X5X4X3X2/4X3X2X2=(cross out 4x3x2 on the top and bottom)=30/2=15

verb and noun
The noun is the person, place, or thing. The verb is the action.

We don't do the work for you. Is there anything specific that we can HELP you with?


Since 8^2=64, set 2^x-1=2, 2^1=2 so x-1=1, x=?

2x=x+45 x=?


HS Math
Please help answer.. What is the principle of powers? When solving a radical equation how do we use the principle of powers to eliminate radicals

9 3/4-4 1/2= 9 3/4-4 2/4=5 1/4

5th grade
3x9=27 (The first number, 3, is the amount going down and the second number, 9, is the number going across.) xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

A factor of 28 is __. A multiple of 7 is __. 28 is divisible by __. ....

Tengo dos novios. (You said you had a boyfriend, and then she replies that she has two boyfriends.)

Look at it this way: if you have money, it's a positive number and if you owe money, it's a negative number. You owe $4, you owe $9..do you owe money or have money? That tells you your sign. How much?

HS Math
Please help answer this.. What is the principle of powers? When solving a radical equation how do we use the principle of powers to eliminate radicals

.83 is read as 83 hundredths because it goes up to the hundredths place. If you don't know this, study place value. So you re-write it as 83/100 and then simplify to 5/6.

john marshall
Erica, did you see my post above? x+7+17=2x,x+24=2x, x=?

john marshall
Do you see how ab+bc=ac? Then x+7+17=2x. Can you go from here?

It's quicker and it helps you get to a close answer.

algebra 2
1/2(9+2) 1/2(11)=?

10th grade math
You can use another variable there, such as x if you want. That's as far as you can get the equation with the information given.

10th grade math

9th grade math
Product means multiply, so: 6y

3 hrs. I drew a picture to help me with this one.

I would guess 50% since it's always a 50% chance that you get an odd/even..

Pre Calc
a)4!/1!(4-1)!=4 x 3 x 2/3 x 2, cancel out the 3's and 2's=4 You do b and c. Post your answers if you'd like them checked.

algebra 1

And to find the price of the socks, including tax, you can do 2.99 x 1.055

7th grade Math
A rectangle has 2 pairs of congruent sides so 2(x+6)+2(4x-5)=2x+12+8x-10=10x+2

I think I did this for you the other day? Get out a calculator or do it with paper and pencil: 680 x .22

A simple strategy would be to replace each option with groveling in the sentence above and see what makes sense. Quit ignoring, Lou! Of course I'll help you. That's the first one. Now try the rest.

keyboarding and word processing
Just keep typing random words and see if they continue to the next line or if you have to hit enter.

Reciprocal of 19/3 is 3/19. You just flip the fraction. To find a reciprocal of a whole number, put 1 underneath it and flip. Ex: 7=7/1, reciprocal=1/7.

What happens when you subtract x from both sides? It doesn't work. Plug in any number to see why. If x=1, then x+5=6. X always has to equal x and nothing else, so there are no solutions to this.

Since 3^5=243, set 2x+1=5 and solve.


1. Sorry, I was never good with radicals. 2. 7x-3=4x+9 You want to get the variables (letters) on one side and numbers on the other. Add 3 to both sides: 7x=4x+12 Subtract 4x from both sides: 3x=12 Divide both sides by 3: x=? 3. 12-4x=x^2 x^2+4x-12 Now factor it. You are looki...

680 x .22 = ?

ab+bc=ac 3x+5x=8 8x=8 x=? bc=5x Put what you got for x in and solve.

LOL..are you serious Sammi?

You're very close but you left out one thing. You have to divide to find averages, so: (99+91+85+x)/4>=90 99+91+85+x=360 Take it from here.

11th grade
I think it says what do you do after gym class (without the question mark)...Entonces, voy a la mi clase de matematicas. (Then, I go to math class.)

Rewrite the problem. It makes no sense. What are the symbols between the 9 and 3 and the 3 and 4?


Yes, you are right.

10th grade
I think you would then multiply that by 2, since it says to expect double production..?

Multiply either or both equation(s) to eliminate either the x's or y's. In this cas, multiply the top by 3 and the bottom by 2 to eliminate the x's. -6x+15y=42 6x+4y=34 The x's cancel and you add what's left. 19y=76 y=? Then put y back into either ORIGINAL ...

You said no, he is tall or short. El no es alto o bajo. The no goes before the verb.

billions, hundred millions, ten millions, millions, hundred thousands, ten thousands, thousands, hundreds, tens, ones Those are the places of every digit of that number. The digit/numeral in the ten thousands place is the 6. See what I wrote above? The ten thousands place is t...

Well, if there are 4 scores and seven years in 87 years... 4s+7=87, solve for s

6th grade
Is there anything specific that you need help with?

a=5/9-5/12 a=20/36-15/36 a=?

To get from 3 to 12 on the bottom, what number do you multiply by? Multiply that by the 2 (on the top).

The subject is geometry.

I agree. Also, make the following changes: twenty's-->twenties She had a big, bright brown...-->She had big, bright brown...

2.8 x 10^2 mm

9, 11, 13, etc written as (9,infinity)..I don't know how to make the infinity symbol here

The temperature dropped from 37 degrees C from the high temperature to read a low of-8 degrees C. What was the high temperature?

2nd grade
5 (highest number)-1(lowest number)=4

x-y can't equal 0.

If you want to post what you think the mean, median, and mode are now, we can check your answers for you.

Erik/Joel/Samantha, stop switching names. We do not care if you put up multiple posts (although you should attempt at least a guess at the answers...) as long as you don't switch names!

How about people who play the lottery are fools?

1+j=4j+2 Subtract 1 from both sides j=4j+1 Subtract 4j from both sides -3j=1 Divide both sides by negative 3 j=-1/3

c/7+2=1 c/7=-1 c=-7

6-3a/2=-6 -3a/2=-12 -3a=-24 a=8

math 115

Math 116
See your other post. An example of an inequality is x+4<=5

So you know which one you are talking about. If everyone talks about Hurricane Katrina, you know about it right away.

5th Grade Math
0.38 = (3 X 0.1) + ( X ) 0.38= .3+x Subtract .3 from both sides .08=x I don't know why you said it's asking for two answers. I really think this is the only answer.

solving equations fractions
Please post a problem that we can help you with.

10th grade
x^2+4x-60=0 You have to look for two numbers that multiply to the last term (-60) and add to the middle term (4). In this case, the numbers are 10 and -6. We write them like this: (x+10)(x-6) Check my work.


You use yo for I/me, tú for you (informal, as if you're talking to a friend), él when you mean him, ella for her, nosotros for we, ellos for a group of guys/or guys and girls, ellas for a group of girls only, Ud. for you (formal), Uds. for all of you. I will ...

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