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Pentagons are five sided figures, in which each of the five sides are equal. To figure out the perimeter, you take the side given and multiply it by 5 since each side is the same. I'll do the first one for you and you can do the rest. 6 * 5 = 30.

5 * 5 * 2

1/3 of 3/4= 1/3*3/4=3/12=1/4

5th grade math
A pie graph

64,800/2=32,400 sqrt 32,400=180 You can do this in your head if you know the squares up to 20, because 18^2=324

Calculate the mass of 2.56*10^24 formula units of aluminum dichromate.

Put it in a prime calculator online.

5th grade
.50=child 2.00=man 3.00=woman 70 children=$35 25 men= $50 5 women=$15 I used guess and took a little while, but I got it. It was kind of fun lol. I'm not sure if there's only one answer but this one works.

What are you talking about?

algebra 2
8.5>6.1+0.6y Subtract 6.1 from both sides 2.4>.6y Divide both sides by .6 4>y or y<4 To graph this, find where y=4, and draw a line across this point. Since y<4, you will then shade below the line.

The angles with measure the same..the side lengths and perimeter will be comparable by ratio.

word problem
2/3b+(6/2) 2/3b+3

14 1/20

English(how is it?)
If the 12th grade was abolished, then the 11th grade would seem like 12th grade and the same thing would happen..

To make it plural doesn't mean to add is or ies to each words. Plural means more than one. I'm sure you know the plural for day. 1 day + 1 day = 2 _____. Try them again and then I (or someone else) will check your answers. They are almost all wrong.

Math fractions
Her answer was right, she just didn't complete the problem for you. 1/2=4/8 so you now have 3/8+4/8=7/8.

y=mx+b y-b=mx (y-b)/m=x

2 * 3 * 4 * 5 * 6. I just used guess and check. It didn't take that long. If you're unsure of what the words mean, you should look them up. Consecutive means in order and integers means whole numbers.

4th grade
y=10h Solve for h y/10=h So he earns y/10 for each hour worked.

Some of those are right and some of those are wrong. I'll show you one that you got wrong. First you put it over 100 and then you reduce. 44%=44/100=11/25

Math please help
False, I plugged in numbers and it didn't work. For example, 2/3 does not equal 3/2.

what did you do first to answer the question?

Let s and t be any two whole numbers, excluding 0. True or false. The statemnt s/t = t/s is always true? What did you do first to answer this question?

5th math
Fill in the missing numbers in the blanks.

Which means x=-20

Pues, si, me gusta estudiar espanol mucho.


math urgent!
3x+2y=-22 (1) 5x-9y=25 (2) Multiply (1) by 9 and (2) by 2 to get the y's to cancel 27x+18y=-198 (3) 10x-18y=50 (4) Add (3) and (4) together 37x=-148 Divide both sides by 37 x=-4 Substitute that in either original equation (1) or (2) to solve for y. Check to make sure it wo...

When you have a < sign you either shade under or to the left of the line, depending on what kind of line it is. It has a dotted line. A > sign you shade either to the right or above the line. This also has a dotted line. If you have a <= or >=, the line is solid.

algebra 1
Multiply by the least common multiple, 78 will get rid of the fractions.. 9-13x=...

-.224-4.2x=-3.3x Add 4.2x to both sides. -.224=.9x Divide both sides by -.224 4.01=x

5th grade
It's 2, because it's the largest whole number that can be divided by both of those numbers.

But how do you know all the textbooks weigh the same amount? Poorly written question..

That's not right. Do 7.80/60

A community of 100 homes constructed in 2009 contains 47 that used conventional construction. The reminder used Energy Star building standards. A real estate agent is going to show a client 5 homes. What is the probability that 3 were built using conventional methods?

Right now the probability of picking blue would be 12/30. If you add another blue it would be 13/31, then 14/32, 15/33, 16/34, 17/35, 18/36. 18/36=1/2, so if he wants the probability to be 1/2 he needs to add 6 more blue.

The ratio should be 3/24=8.2/x

MTH 156

The two types of stress are eustress and distress. One of these is negative and the other is positive. One of those is the one you want.

A 14000 N automobile travels at a speed of 50 km/h northward along a street, and a 7500 N sports car travels at a speed of 62 km/h eastward along an intersecting street. (a) If neither driver brakes and the cars collide at the intersection and lock bumpers, what will the veloc...

Math- Algebra 1

Yes. (4*2)+3=11

What are winter dreams from the story "Winter Dreams" by F. Scott Fitzgerald? I don't understand what they are or what it means.

Another way to do it. 4=red 8=yellow 8=green rest=blue 4+8+8=20, 24-20=4

It should be 25, because 25 is the greatest number that can be divided by both of them.

I'm assuming you mean to the nearest hundredth, which would be .01

Yup, 105-79, because you have to take the highest number and lowest number and subtract them.

Chem 1010
What will happen to 42 g of KCl solution per 100 g of water when cooled from 60 degrees Celsius to 0 degrees Celsius?

3rd grade
I'll do 8. 2 * 4 4 * 2 8 * 1 1 * 8

What's the paraphrasing of "If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools, Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken, And stoop and build 'em up with worn-out tools"

Rayniya, if you continue to post numerous questions without attempting any, your posts may be deleted.

Are you sure that shouldn't say y=4?

Yes, that's right. You can respond that you put your coat on before you go outside.

foreign language(SPANISH)
I think the third is vaso

Integers are positive AND negative whole numbers. Examples: -3, 15, etc.

I think Writeacher means MULTIPLY each number by 12.

(9360)/(1/12)=((9360)/1)*(12/1)=112320. Try the other one this way. Post it if you want it to be checked.

algebra word problems
.25q+.05n=10.75 (1) q+n=95 (2) Multiply (2) by -.25 to cancel the q's .25q+.05n=10.75 (1) -.25q-.25n=-23.75 (3) -.2n=-13 Divide both sides by -.2 n=65 From (2), q+n=95, q+65=95, q=30 When plugged back into equation 1, it checks. It works in both equations, so this is your ...

True, it only needs to have one side not corresponding for non-congruent triangles. It can have one, two, or all three sides not congruent.

No, it is not a true sentence because you do not have the answer. To make it a true sentence, follow Leanna's directions.

ALgebra word problem
2e+2.5c=178.50 c=30+e 2e+2.5(30+e)=178.5 2e+75+2.5e=178.5 4.5e+75=178.5 4.5e=103.5 e=23, c=30+e c=30+23 c=53 Check it by plugging them back into the first equation; it works.

Agreed with anonymous.

Sorry, I have to disagree with anonymous. Just check 36 and 37. 34. (typo?) should say "mis", not "mia", right? 36. No. They are asking how old are YOU. 37. I only have female cousins, ______________.

Rectangle ABCD has diagonals AC and BD. E is the point of intersection of the two diagonals. If the area of triangle AEB is 8, what is the area of triangle ACD?

Yes, to wear your heart on your sleeves is to show true and real emotion.

Just adding on to drwls's great answers. :) Post back when you've made corrections. 24. What did you (all) read? We all read __________.

Anonymous is right. Try to correct them, and we will help you again.

Your percentages don't add up to 100%. Please check your data and post any corrections.

(x+2)(x-2)(x^2+4) x^2-4(x^2+4) x^4-16

1. Correct 2. I think it's B, because LA comida is feminine and doesn't match malo. This is the only one I'm not positive on. 3. A. I'm very sick. I'm not GOING to go to school. 4. Correct 5. Correct 6. Correct (Is English class easy? Of course!)

Math Decimals
Just add zeroes after the decimal so that they all have the same amount of digits. That's the easiest way to do it. 0.025, 0.026, 0.240, 0.250

First one: (2,5) 2*2+1=5? Yes. Do the rest this way.

5th grade (thomas)
6-m=2 3/10 -m=2 3/10-6 -m=-4 3/10 m=4 3/10


x^2+8X+16 (X+4) (X+4) x=-4

-3x-5y=61 (1) 7x-5y=-9 (2) Looking at the equations, we can multiply either of them by -1 to cancel the y's. Let's do that to the 2nd one. -3x-5y=61 -7x+5y=9 Then add the equations together. -10x=70 x=-7 Plug that back into either original equation to solve for y.


2/5x=6 That's the total bill. Heather paid 3/5 of that.

24=2 * 2 * 2 * 3

Rose, Damon answered the one for you. Try these the same way. Put them in y=mx+b form (solve for y). Post your work if you want them checked or need further help.

5 7/8 * 4

4th grade
It's not a number sentence because it doesn't have the answer. Ms. Sue wrote the full number sentence out for you.

It's identity. That was one of your choices, you spelled it wrong.

What Daniel said, and then divide that by 4.

4th grade
You can diagram the array for 4 x 30 and 4 x 6 and then add them together.

Whole numbers mean don't use a fraction!

9th grade algebra
Answer for A: 2004-2005 Do B the same way.

Thanks MathMate.

Please imagine a triangle here. >.< the 'o' is a person and the two peaks are the mountains. /\___/\ _\___/ ___o Explain why the distance between these two peaks are greater than the difference of the distances from the person to each peak.

So it does not obey the law of inertia?

Does an object moving in a circle obey the law of inertia? Which way would it move if there were no net force on it?

math correct or not?
Yes for both. Good job.

x-350. Or -350.

Billy shops every how many days? You left out an important piece of information.

Es la una y cuarto. Son las cinco menos cuartos. Son las siete y diez.

3x+2y=7 3x=-2y+7 x=-2/3y+7/3 2(-2/3y+7/3)-3y=-4 -4/3y+14/3-3y=-4 Combine like terms, solve for y, replace y in either original equation to solve for x. Post your work to get it checked.

Language Arts

A much easier way to do this would be: 1) x+y=1300 2) x+2z=1400 3) x+y+z=1600 Look at 1 and 2. Since x+y=1300 and x+y+z=1600, z obviously equals 300. Now substitute that back in #2. x+2(300)=1400, x+600=1400, x=800. Now substitute x and z back in #3. x+y+z=1600, 800+y+300=1600...

What are your choices? Did you look up the word "oligopoly"?

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