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rate of change
What's the avearage rate of change of f(x)=x^2-4x+7 on the interval 1<=x<=3

a game is watch by 60 adults and some are children. if there are 20 more adults than children how many children are watching the game

4th grade math

Please answer at least one . PLEASE 1. Triangle XYZ has a right angle at Y. V,W are on XZ such that XV=XY. WZ=YZ, find ANGLE VYW . 2. STUVWXYZ is a regular octagon. Find SW/ TZ. 3. The interior angles of a convex polygon form an arithmetic progression with a common difference ...

how would you write an annotated bibliography

Given two similar triangles, find a' to two significant digits if a = 8.6 * 10^4, b = 1.5 * 10^5, and b' = 1.3 * 10^4.

World Geography
1. During the late 18th and mid-19th centuries, Europeans and North Americans were attracted to nearby coastal waters due to potential economic gains from (1 point)catching trout and cod fish. catching seals and whales. shipbuilding. finding riches on unexplored islands. 2. I...

Sort each spelling word by determining if it follows the v/vc or the vc/v pattern tyrant, equal, humor, recent, profile, linen, closet, student, smokey, legal, comet, shiver, minus, loser, punish, cavern, local, decent, vacant, panic.

Sort each spelling word by determining if it follows the v/vc or the vc/v pattern

my tenths digit is 3 less than my hundredths digit. The difference between my tenths and hundredths digit is 5. The sum of my digits is 10. What number am I?

Lab Questions
1. Use the Van der Waals equation to calculate the pressure exerted by 1.00 mol of Cl2; in 22.41 L at 0.0 degrees C. The constants for Cl are a = 6.49 L2 atm/mol2 and b = 0.0526 L/mol. 2. How much potassium chlorate is needed to produce 20.0 mL of oxygen at 670 mm Hg and 20 de...

Lewis Dot Structure?
I am unable to draw the label for CN, I tried to make a triple bond between C and N, then place two electrons for each, but I was incorrect.

Place the following elements in order of decreasing atomic size: selenium, chlorine, fluorine, rubidium, calcium, and sulfur.

Chemistry - Melting Ice
The heat of fusion of ice is 6.00 kJ/mol. Find the number of photons of wavelength = 6.78×10^−6 m that must be absorbed to melt 6.80 g of ice.

Is the mass of a 1m ruler essentially equally distributed throughout its length if the center of mass is at 0.496m instead of 0.5m. Why

on monday, ivy crawled one inch more than tuesday. on tuesday, ivy crawled twice as much as on wednesday. on wednesday, ivy crawled 4 inches. how many inches did ivy crawl each day

English Journey Assessment Task
WHAT IS IT? Speech on the ways the concept of JOURNEY is expressed throughout Rabbit Proof Fence and two other related texts of your choosing PLUS a typed transcript of that speech. Focus Area: What are the messages / ideas continued within the texts about JOURNEY and HOW (tec...

A woman who is 6 feet tall stand near a light that is 13 feet tall. Find a function for the length of her shadow in term of her distance from the base of the lamp.

canyons,dunes,and deltas SCIENCE
What are some interesting facts about dunes,canyons,and deltas?

the quotient of -54 and 9, suntracted from 8 times a number is, -18

A typical fat in the body is glyceral trioleate, C57H104O6. When it is metabolized in the body, it combines with oxygen to produce carbon dioxide, water, and 3.022 x 10^4 kJ of heat per mole of fat. B)How many kilokoules of energy must be evolved in the form of heat if you wan...

Why might you use the distributive property to solve 4(78)

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