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Passe compose again, last time SraJMcGin, you give me 4 situations where Past particples agree in gender and number, I get that part, I want to ask for verbs that need to agree, do you always just add e or s (feminine and plural) no matter what the verb's ending is? Like d...

Passe compose: (Please forgive my accent marks) i know the past participle agrees with the subject, my text only have example for suis alle(e)...tu es alle(e)...nous sommes alle(e)s. But i am not sure for other verbs like descendre and partir... will it be je suis d...

How do you say "On my birthday...", is it "En mon anniversaire"? If i want to say "For dessert...", is it "Pour dessert..." or "Pour le dessert...", with or without the article?

Ethics repost
What level of CSR (corporate social responsibility) does the religion Judaism fit into? Ms. Sue answered... How can you fit a religion into a CSR level? Judaism is a highly ethical religion. Me again... How can you fit religion into a CSR? I guess I want to know from their pra...

How can you fit religion into a CSR? I guess I want to know from their practices what level do they fit in. Do their actions only concern about money (minimalist) or do they care about the enviroment, the future generations etc. (stewardship) Then, would you fit it into the st...

What level of CSR (corporate social responsibility) does the religion Judaism fit into?

Simplify by removing factors of 1. m^2 - 9/(m+3)^2

Since gases can be highly compressed, what must be true of the spaces between the molecules of the gas?

criminal justice
Iam looking for How do cameras in the courts arouse controversy about the right of privacy?

criminal justice
This is for my home work i go to school on line

I need some ideas on how General Motors can gain market share, what are some of the recommandations for them. Thanks.

4NH3 + 7O2 = 4NO2 + 6H2O HHOW MANY MOLES OF AMMONIA WILL BE REQUIRED TO PRODUCE 10.0 MOLES OF WATER? The equation tells you 4 mols NH3 will produce 6 mols H2O. Can you set up a proportion to make that work? For example, 2 mols NH3 would produce 3 mols H2O and 8 mols NH3 would ...

how many psi are in an atm? 14.7 lbs/in2 = 1 atm. An easy way to have your conversions checked is to go to and type in, for example, 1 atmosphere to pounds per square inch and hit the go button.

if a+b=1 and a squared + b squared=2 what does a to the 3rd + b to the 3rd equal? If b is 1, b cubed is one. That would work for the first half, but doesn't extend to a to the 3rd+b to the 3rd and what weould 2 squard be? Thank you so much for helping Are you saying: if a+...

if a=b=1 and a^+b^=2, then what does a cubed +b cubed equal??? ok I don't know if "ok" means that you answered your own question. If both a and b = 1, any power of either a or b will still be 1. I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

a) In raising a 4800 N piano with a pulley system, the workers note that for every 2 m of rope pulled down, the piano rises 0.3 m. Ideally, how much force is required to lift the piano? (b) If the workers actually pull with 2500 N of force to lift the piano, what is the effici...

AP Chemistry
The normal boiling points of CO and SO2 are -192 degrees C and -10 degrees C, respectively A) At 25 degrees C and 1 atm, which gas would you expect to have a molar volume closest to the ideal value? B) If you reduce the deviation from ideal gas behavior, in what direction woul...

math factors
I need all math factors for 2,006 2006 = 2*17*59 :)

A salesperson contacts eight potential customers per day. From past experience, we know that the probability of a potentail customer making a purchase is 0.10. a) What is the probability the salesperson will make at least two sales in a day? -Do you use binomial formula for th...

A department store has determined that 25% of all their sales are credit sales. A random sample of 75 sales is selected and the proportion of credit sales in the sample is computed. a) What is the probability that the same proportion will be greater than 0.34? In a random samp...

For what values of p>0 does the series Riemann Sum [n=1 to infinity] 1/ [n(ln n) (ln(ln n))^p] converge and for what values does it diverge? You need to let the summation start at n = 3 to avoid the singularity at n = 1 (although you can formally take denominator to b infin...

For what values of p>0 does the series a) Riemann Sum [n=1 to infinity] 1/ [n(ln n)^p] converge and for what values does it diverge?

What is the future of Asian diversity in America That's a very broad topic since Asia includes people from such diverse countries as Korea, China, India, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Israel, and Saudi Arabia. By the second or third generation, immigrants tend to be thorou...

Substitution Method in Algebra!HELP PLZ!

A sliver bar 0.125 meter long is subjected to a temperature change from 200C to 100C.What will the length of the bar after the temperature change? See the aluminum question. I will be happy to critique your work and thinking. A silver bar 0.125 meter long is subjected to a tem...

What is the length of an aluminum rod at 65 C if its length at 15 C is 1.2 meters? I will be happy to critique your thinking. New length= oldlength(1+alpha*(65-15)) where alpha is the coefficent of linear expansion of aluminum 1.201386 meters

How much heat energy is required to raise the temperature of 5Kilograms of a coal from 20 C to 220 C ? Coal? Doesnt coal decompose before 220C> 1,314,718 j is the correct answer to this question, I just finished a test with that same qustion on it.

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