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Govt. Degree college quetta commerce
When edmition

organic chem lab
I have been given the below information and asked to calculate the amount solvent and reactants needed to be used to obtain 1.0 g of the product. Benzyltriphenylphosphonium chloride. In a 100 mL round bottom flask (rbf), 5.2 g triphenylphosphine was dissolved in 20 mL benzene...

What would be a newer more efficient method to do the qualitative analysis of an unknown. I am trying to find a good method and asses its greenness (Green chemistry) and say why it better than the common method used. please help as soon as possible. This is such an open ended ...

Cell Bio
Sometimes, certain enzymes are associated with a particular organelle of the cell. Many times scientists have had to use ________________ centrifugation to separate different constituents of the cell. Following this procedure, you aliquot the fractions into separate test tubes...

Please help with this question. Insulin, antibodies, enzymes and progesterone are four of many molecules found in and around cells. Of these four__________ are/is not a protein. a. antibodies b. insulin and antibodies c. antibodies and progesterone d. progesterone I think the ...

I have a hard time with this question. Please help. One way to determine the concentration of protein in a solution is to perform a "protein assay". There are several assay kits on the market that one can use, but they all rely on the common paradigm that the ...

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