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A 12.8 gram bullet embeds itself in a 2.370 kg block on a horizontal frictionless surface which subsequently collides with a spring of stiffness 487 N/m. The maximum compression of the spring is 11.0 centimetres. a) What was the initial speed of the bullet in m/s? b) How long ...

In an interference of light experiment, coherent light that contains two wavelengths: 614 nm (red-orange) and 429 nm (indigo-blue), passes through two narrow slits separated by 3.12 μm, and the interference pattern is observed on an observation screen 2.17 m away. (1 _...

I don't get how you got the right answer...?

The image is basically showing a sine graph that has t0 and V meeting up at the peak height of a wave (amplitude). The graph moves sinusoidal

he graph of the velocity of a mass attached to a horizontal spring on a horizontal frictionless surface as a function of time is shown below. The numerical value of V is 5.48 m/s, and the numerical value of t0 is 8.97 s. a) What is the amplitude of the motion in m? b) What is ...

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