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a searchlight is shaped like a paraboloid of revolution. if the light source is located 5 feet from the base along the axis of symmetry and the opening is 8 feet across, how deep should the searchlight be?

Hydrocarbons are important fuel that we burn for many different reasons. a. what is a hydrocarbon? b. rank these hydrocarbons by the number of carbons the contain: propane, methane, butane, octane, ethane.

what is the missing number in the following sequence: 13,7,18,10,5,?,9,1,12,6 Thanks

How did you come up with 4.9t^2?

State the quadrant in which the terminal side of each angle lies. 1) 11pi/4

After a shipwreck, a solid steel spoon lies at the bottom of the ocean, 5.75km below the surface. What's the water pressure at that depth? Find the fractional volume change in the spoon due to compression forces.

Thank you-I viewed the youtube-that was really helpful and I did use Wolfram as you suggested. I even checked some of my other problems

I know about Descartes Rule but I don't really get how to figure this out-Please check my answers- I don't get this one find number of possible positive and negative real roots of f(x) = x^4-x^3+2x^2 + x-5 I think there are 3 sign changes so there are 3 positive but I ...

Please check the first and help with the second-thank you Find all possible rational roots of f(x) = 2x^4 - 5x^3 + 8x^2 + 4x+7 1.I took the constant which is 7 and the leading coefficient which is 2 and factored them 7 factored would be 7,2 2 factored would be 2,1 used 7 as nu...

thanx ms.sue it really help me solve the answer

the difference of two numbers is 5. their product is 176. what are the numbers ? i've been trying to figure this out for a while and can't come out with the right answer.


The temperature of 100.0g of water initially at 25.0 degrees C in a calorimeter increases to 30.0 degrees C after adding a 20.0g piece of hot aluminum. What was the temperature of the aluminum before adding it to water? The specific heat of water and aluminum is 4.182J/g and ....

4700 is borrowed at a rate of 16% interest per year, compounded quarterly. Find the amount due at the end of 4 years

college/Public Speaking
Elision is the omission of one or more sounds (such as a vowel, a consonant, or a whole syllable) in a word or phrase, producing a result that is easier for the speaker to pronounce. Sometimes, sounds may be elided for euphonic effect. Elision is normally unintentional, but it...

college/Public Speaking
New channels of speaking New forms of communication, such as e-mails, chats, and bulletin boards, have created a channel of delivery that is quite different from formal speech. This unique requirement for speed has caused the standard rules of the English language to be altere...

college/Public Speaking
What might be some modern examples of speech styles that weren't discussed in the lecture? Don't think just in terms of public speaking. Consider such elements as how technology has changed communication in the last few years. Defend why you consider these to be modern...

if i have 16 coins they total $1.oo thaey are all dimes & nickels how many of each do i have

when diamonds are shipped to jewlary stores why are they individually wrapped in paper?

Calculate the final temperature (once the ice has melted) of a mixture made up initially of 75.0 ml liquid water at 29.0 degrees C and 7.0 g ice at 0.0 degrees C.

have you read the book The Rag and Bone shop?

how old was Mr.Lincoln when he was marderd?

I can't seem to make the quadratic equation work when i put in that!

You jump from the end of a diving board that is 3 meters above the water. You spring upward from the end of the board with an initial velocity of 5 m/s. How long are you in the air? What is the speed as you hit the water? I need to know the steps in solving the problem. Thanks!

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