July 24, 2014

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A 900W motor is used to lift 275.51kg of bricks a distance of 30, to the roof of the building. a. If the motor ran for 90s how much work did it do? b. What is the potential energy of the bricks? I know how the calculate work, but I'm really confused about how to calculate ...

A pendulum is swinging back and forth. At its lowest point it has a speed of 4 m/s. It has a mass of 1 kg. a. How much KE does it have at it's lowest point? I got 8 Joules. b. At its highest point it is not moving. How much potential energy does it have there?

I need to find the mass: velocity=30 km/h KE=10^6 J then using that I have to find the KE for: v=60 km/h v=90 km/h

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