February 7, 2016

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10m/11p.44p/20k.15k/8m we are multiplying and dividing rational expressions. can ne1 help? I have no idea what you need. Your first line makes no sense. i know, it doesn't make any sense to me's fractions 10m/11p times 44p/20k times 15k/8m. we have to ...
March 4, 2007

In the Christian religion,why were ashes originally sprinkled on the top of people's heads on Ash Wednesday instead of on the forehead? This site gives the history of the use of ashes on Ash Wednesday. http://www....
February 24, 2007

which atom has a higher potential energy? neon or flourine
November 19, 2006

Constant annual percentage growth The function gives the value of a home in dollars in the year 2000 + t. Find the constant annual percentage change in the value of the home. Give appropriate units with your answer. Again, I'm not sure what function is being referred to ...
September 5, 2006

writing an exponential equation The function gives the value of a home in dollars in the year 1980 + t. Write an equation that can be used to determine the year in which the value of the home reached $100,000? Use ^ to denote an exponent. Do not solve the equation and do not ...
September 5, 2006

Evaluating an exponential function The function gives the value of a home in dollars in the year 1980 + t. What was the value of the home in 1988? Round your answer to the nearest whole dollar amount and give units. You would evaluate for t=8. The units should be dollars. Your...
September 5, 2006

Consider the exponential function . Which of the following best describes the the graph of g? a. Concave up and increasing b. Concave up and decreasing c. Concave down and increasing d. Concave down and decreasing The rules are +constant, concave up, - constant concave down. ...
September 5, 2006

Determine the y-intercept of the exponential function y=6.05(0.83)x. Write your answer as an ordered pair enclosed in parentheses. What is y when x=0? The ordered pair looks like (x,6.05(0.83)x). Evaluate this for x=0. BTW, where is the exponential sign ^ ? Do you mean 6.05(....
September 5, 2006

what does nra meen
August 8, 2006

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