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Pre-Algebra - PLEASE!
thank you! :D
March 16, 2008

Pre-Algebra - PLEASE!
Ray's son, Martin, plays for the mnor league baseball team, The Cow-A-Bungas. He is the star player, and outfielder with a batting average of 0.340. (Batting average is the ratio of the number of times a player gets a hit to the number of times at bat.) If Martin was at ...
March 16, 2008

Pre-Algebra - PLEASE!
Zelda photocopied a rectangle that was 10cm by 16cm. She set the enlargement feature to 125%. Write a proportion and solve them to find the new demensions.
March 16, 2008

The biggest attraction at the new amusement park, World of Fun, is the huge slide that goes under the ground. To get to the top of the slide, Jon has to climb up a 56-foot ladder. Then he rides the slide to the bottom. Finally, Jon walks through a tunnel to the elevator and ...
March 11, 2008

The biggest attraction at the new amusement park, World of Fun, is the huge slide that goes under the ground. To get to the top of the slide, Jon has to climb up a 56-foot ladder. Then he rides the slide to the bottom. Finally, Jon walks through a tunnel to the elevator and ...
March 10, 2008

essay help
What is Your essay about first of all?
March 5, 2008

A triangle is enlarged by a scale factor of 10/3. a) If the perimeter of the copy is 36 meters, find the perimeter of the original triangle using the proportion 10/3. b) If the area of the copied triangle is 48 meters squared, use a proportion to find the area of the original ...
March 5, 2008

How do you calculate an area of a triangle again?
March 5, 2008

Two similar triangles have a scale factor of 5/3. a) Find the perimeter ratio copy/original b) Find the area ratio copy/original
March 4, 2008

How many days does it take for a perfect blackbody cube (0.0100m on a side, 30.0 degree C)to radiate the same amount of energy that a one-hundred-watt light bulb uses in one hour? I got no idea to do it. Please give me some hints!!!Thanks!!!
February 21, 2008

Math: Geometry
The circumference is equal to (2)(pi)(r). Since you know the circumference is 16,and you know the value of pi and 2,solve for r.
February 21, 2008

ycnolo what is that word
November 20, 2007

If you want to make it more simple !!, here's another answer. By newtons first law, the sum of all static forces at a balanced system is zero. Otherwise it will be moving...!!! Add all vertical forces: Here you have to consider a hidden force R form Reaction at support in ...
November 7, 2007

Long and synthetic division
please check my answers and help me with the last one please, I cant get it to come out right. Divide using long division or synthetic division. 2.(x^2 + 13x + 40)/ (x + 5) I got x + 8 5. 3m^3+7m^2-16m+16/ m+4 i got 3m^2-5m+4 7.(21x^3 - 7)/(3x - 1)(this one I cant get the ...
October 15, 2007

us history
Describe the significant changes in New England society, culture, economy, and politics as well as the influence of Puritanism in the late 1600s.
October 10, 2007

Write an essay that compares and contrasts the ways in which China and Japan responded to the West. Describe how each nation’s decision to respond to the West affected its domestic and foreign affairs in the years that followed. Refer to the Student Guide for detailed ...
October 9, 2007

Art History
Thank you Ms. Sue. Your second link was what I was looking for. Thanks again.
October 3, 2007

Art History
Thank you for your help. I was using the wording from our syllabus.
October 3, 2007

Art History
I tried that but came up with links to "present day" Goth music or literature reviews.
October 3, 2007

Art History
Can someone provide a link to ancient Gothic music? I need to describe the music from this era.
October 3, 2007

September 24, 2007

What does "range" mean? thanks =o)
August 31, 2007

Solve 2+ the square root of 4-x=x what is your question? ok lets start by arranging everything so its easier to solve.. u want to put the square root(4-x)on one side of the equation and the 2 on the other side... square root(4-x) = x - 2; get rid of the square root..u ...
August 15, 2007

simplify the cube root of -54x^6y^4 Crt(-54) = -3Crt(2)....(Crt means cube) root Crt(x^6) = x^2 Crt(y^4) = yCrt(y) Now can you put it all together?
August 15, 2007

Pre Cal
2+square root of 4-x=x rewrite it as √(4-x) = x-2 now square both sides 4-x = x^2 - 4x + 4 x(x-3)=0 so x = 0 or x = 3 BUT when we square an equation, all answers must be verified in the original equation Which answer works and which doesn't?
August 15, 2007

how do you convert the fraction 2/3 to a decimal Multiply numerator and denominator by 3: 2/3 = 6/9 1/9 = 1/(10-1) = 1/10 * 1/(1-1/10) = 1/10 [1 + 1/10 + 1/100 + 1/1000 + ...]= 0.1111111111111 Therefore 6/9 = 0.6666666666666666.... Another way to convert 2/3 to a decimal is to...
August 8, 2007

This needs to be solved and put in equation form. Seems simple but not sure if I am figuring it right. Jill has $3.50 in nickels and dimes. If she has 50 coins, how many of each type of coin does she have? use the equations and solve n ---> number of nickels d ----> ...
August 6, 2007

A student earns $0.65 for each mistake she finds in a text. Sketch the equation of direct variation. An equation of direct variation is of the form M = k X where k us a constant. In your case M might be total money earned and X is the number of students. Clearly M = 0.65 X The...
July 29, 2007

no school
I need to describe a disorder and detail the current trends in diagnosis and treatment for the disorder. Some ideas: Rabies - Polio -
July 1, 2007

What is a topic sentence? Since I do not know what grade you are in, here are two sites on Topic Sentences. The first is for beginning paragraph writers and gives a very simple explanation and examples. The second is for secondary students. If you have further questions, ...
March 26, 2007

which of the following financial statements includes the assets, liabilities, and equity accounts of a business.
March 6, 2007

information literacy
government documents in a library are classified according to which of the following schemes
March 6, 2007

Easy History Question- please answer!
February 24, 2007

which organic compounds and cllular orgaelles are involved in protein synthesis?
January 27, 2007

alphabetical order
what is the rule with words with apostrophes? Such as it's and its...which comes first alphabetically?
January 8, 2007

How to solve, 1300cm2=m2 1 m = 100 cm 1 m2 = 1002 cm2
December 20, 2006

what is the effect on potato slices exposed to air They dehydrate
November 14, 2006

It's the M main sequence in case your still wondering lol
September 19, 2006

orientalism of muslim and arab american
Orientalism is a simplistic view of people and history of the Orient, not recognizing the diversity in its many cultures. This is a broad generallization and grouping (stereotyping) of all people from the Oriental nations around the world. Orientalism is a form of prejudice ...
August 6, 2006

August 25, 2005

unscrambling word
June 14, 2005

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