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An investor has $500 more invested at 7% than he does at 5%..If his annual interest is $515, how much does he have inested at each rate?....I need to know how to solve this problem...Do I use PRT=I(interest) formula..please someone help me with the steps....

8th grade
What is the degree of -5a2b + 4a2 -2b +5 also I need help in finding the product of x + 5 and 3x -2. also what is the product of -4x2 and x3 + 2x2 -5x + 3....I need the solutions..Thank You for Your help

What is the factorization of x2-15x+56...I think it is (x-7)(x+8)...please help

I need help in finding the remainder when you divide 5x2 + 4x -40 by x-4.. (5x2 = 5x(2) I also need to know what is the completely factored form of 4x5 - 256x3 (4x5 = 4x(5) & 256x(3) I also need the solutions of the equation 1.5x2 - 4.5x = -3 Thank You

In triangle PQR shown, point S (not shown)is on QR between Q and R. Give one possible value for the length of PS ...Explain your reasoning.. Triangle PQR = 13" PQ = 6" QR = 2" PR = 5" I need help in figuring this out this triangle with an equation or expres...

I need help in solving this word problem using linear system equation...I.m not sure how to start,,, A hotel rents a double occupanch room for $20 more than a single occupancy room. One night, the hotel took in $3115 after renting 15 double occupancy rooms and 26 single occupa...

I need help solving the linear system using substitution of the below problem....Thank You 3x - y=2 y= 2x - 9

Can I get help in solving these problems using the linear system of elimination. 4x - 5y =22 x + 2y = -1 2x - 3y = 16 3x + 4y = 7 Word Problem: During the summer, you want to earn at least $150 per week. You earn $10 per hour working for a farmer and you earn $5 per hour babys...

Express the difference of these two fractions as one fraction in simplest form: a/15 - b/5

10th grade
A dictatorship is not part of the democratic system...Dictatorship is ruled by one person, a dictator, the people of his country have no political voice.

A painter is to mix green and yellow paint in the ratio of 4 to 7 to obtain the color she wants. If she has 28 liters of green paint, how many liters of yellow paint should be added? I need to know what algebraic equation I need to use...I believe this is a proportion type que...

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