October 1, 2014

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Find the point on the line –2x+2y–3=0 which is closest to the point (–4–4). Please provide solution. ( , ) Thanks guys!
March 15, 2014

social studies
what is the definition of canopy road
September 26, 2012

I bet it does but if you have any kids youd know how hard it is so ill tell it. Rome's geography is important because it was surrounded by land and it was unable to be attacked by pirates but not to far from water.
February 6, 2012

i am inthe 4th grade and need to write a composition. Can someone out there tell me what it is and give me an example.
May 16, 2010

3 times a number is
March 23, 2010

Write a paragraph with the following subject, occasion, audience, and purpose. Subject: food safety Occasion: aftermath of an outbreak of sickness at fast food restaurants due to tainted meat Audience: FDA (agency that manages food safety) Purpose: Persuade audience to do a ...
March 13, 2010

1. A three-step mechanism has been suggested for the formation of carbonyl chloride: Step 1: Cl2 ===> 2 Cl (fast equlibrium) Step 2: Cl + CO ===> COCl (fast equilibrium) Step 3: COCl + Cl2 ===> COCl2 + Cl (slow) What is the molecularity of the rate-determining step? ...
February 9, 2007

1. The half-life of a first-order reaction is 9.89 minutes. How many minutes will have elapsed after 27 half-lives? My answer is 267.03. 2. The half-life of a second-order reaction is 2.508 days. How many days will have elapsed after 8 half-lives? My answer is 5.330. Is this ...
February 7, 2007

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