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barry buys a rug that is 35 inches by 4 feet.what is the area of the rug?

A child with a mass of 83 kg is on top of a water slide that is 12 m. long and inclined 30o with the horizontal. How fast is the child going at the bottom of the slide is? (a.) the slide is friction less and the (b.) coefficient of friction is 0.30?

7th grade science
Thank you...I am doing a report and couldn't find any thing specific either...I'll email my teacher and tell her...Thank you for helping me and giving me something to turn to when im stuck!

7th grade science
I keep asking ...Ms.Sue, could you possibly help? Can flying fish communicate and how?

Science followup
I posted a question on flying fish and Sra answered me this morning, and she sent me a browse that she typed in but nothing there was helpful...Does anybody else know if flying fish can communicate and if so how?..Thank you!

Can flying fish communicate and if so,how?

algebra 2
Farmer Brown wants to double the size of his rectangular backyard vegetable patch by adding a strip (of the same width) all the way around it. If its current patch is 12 feet by 18 feet, how wide does the strip need to be?

How to trisect an angle

Find the measurement of angle rsp if rst=5\2y and pst =(y+5)

sulfur + oxygen -> sulfur dioxide Thanks. Do you have a question about this reaction?

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