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When an experimenter's expectations about a behavior influence the results of his experiment, it is called a a.placebo effect b.self-fulfilling prophecy c.single-blind experiment d.double-blind experiment

Which of the following statements about psychological experiments is MOST accurate? A. The purpose of a single-blind experiment is to guarantee that neither the participants nor the experimenter influence the results. B.The participant's expectations about an experiment d...

A theory differs from a hypothesis in the following ways: Question 2 options: 1) they are proven hypotheses and are not subject to change 2) acts as a starting point for additional experiments 3) allows us to describe and explain observed behaviour 4) all of the above 5) 1, 2...

A hypothesis is an educated guess and as such must have the following characteristics: 1) can be proved or disproved 2) is based on some previous evidence 3) is an unsubstiantiated thought 4) is the basis of psychological research 5) all of the above 6) 1, 4 7) 1, 2, 4

Algebra II
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Algebra II
A salesman drove from his home to a nearby city at an average speed of 40 mi/. He returned home at an average speed of 50 mi/h. What was his average speed for the entire trip? I tried this question, and apparently the answer isn't 45 mph. It's something of a trick ques...

pre calculus
Perform the division and write your answer in form. g(x)+r(x)/ d(x) (4x^3-1)/ (x-4)

can you unscramble this word reyncut

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