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It's the best that I need. I appreciate the help! :)

A 11.5 m long conveyor belt, inclined at 30.0°, is used to transport bundles of newspapers from the mailroom up to the cargo bay to be loaded on to delivery trucks. Each newspaper has a mass of 1.0 kg, and there are 21 newspapers per bundle. Determine the power that the co...

Sau-Lan has a mass of 47 kg. She rides the up escalator at Ocean Park in Hong Kong. This is the world's longest escalator, with a length of 227 m and an average inclination of 31°. How much work does the escalator do on Sau-Lan?

Physics question
A student librarian picks up a 2.2 kg book from the floor to a height of 1.15 m. He carries the book 8.4 m to the stacks and places the book on a shelf that is 0.35 m above the floor. How much work does he do on the book?

So how am I supposed to use the heights given from the problem? Subtract 4.30 m from 3.80 m?

An airplane passenger carries a 260 N suitcase up the stairs, a displacement of 3.80 m vertically, and 4.30 m horizontally. (a) How much work does the passenger do? (b) The same passenger carries the same suitcase back down the same stairs. How much work does the passenger do ...

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