March 23, 2017

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Math-pre algebra
September 16, 2015

The distance between the centers of the wheels of a motorcycle is 169 cm. The center of mass of the motorcycle, including the rider, is 77.0 cm above the ground and halfway between the wheels. Assume the mass of each wheel is small compared to the body of the motorcycle. The ...
April 24, 2013

A space station is constructed in the shape of a hollow ring of mass 5.60 104 kg. Members of the crew walk on a deck formed by the inner surface of the outer cylindrical wall of the ring, with radius 140 m. At rest when constructed, the ring is set rotating about its axis so ...
April 24, 2013

First of Jenn, he's asking for the ANGLE of a triangle, not the hypotenuse. And the method you want to use is Tan x = 1000/5280 probably, if it doesnt work, than you're on your own
April 18, 2011

computers networking
Assume that an average SNMP response message is 100 bytes long. Assume that a manager sends 40 SNMP Get commands each second. a) What percentage of a 100 Mbps LAN link’s capacity would the resulting response traffic represent? b) What percentage of a 56 kbps WAN link ...
May 8, 2009

I prefer Harp.
November 5, 2008

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