November 26, 2014

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problems faced in conserving kalimantan rainforest
i need to know what are some problems and successes in the conserving of the kalimantan rainforest. i tried to find websites regarding this topic, but i couldn't find any with information. i would really appreaciate if anyone would be able to give me a few of such websites...
December 23, 2007

maths, variations
i'm not sure how this question works the number of hours (h) taken to paint a picture is inversely proportional to th number of pupils (p) painting it. it takes 4 pupils 3 hours to finish painting it assuming all pupils work at the same rate. a) find an equation connecting...
December 18, 2007

maths, variations checking!
question: given that y is inversely proportional to (x-1), A) express y in terms of x and a constant k b) give that y=5 when x=3, find x when y=25 answer: A)y=-k(x-1) y=-kx+k B)y=5, x=3, k(constant)=3x5 k=15 25=-15x+15 10=-15x x=-10/15 is this correct? i'm not too sure ...
December 18, 2007

maths, variations
question: if y is proportional to x, and that y=6 when x=12, (A)express y in terms of x, (B)and find to value of x when y=12. answer: (A) x=y/3 (B) x=4 is what i did correct? i would appreciate your help!
December 18, 2007

okay so this is what i did to find the work done by overcoming friction: Ff = .9 N d = .91 m (Ff x d = Wf --> .9 x .91 = .82 J) hmm okay so how would you find the work done by friction using that calculation that you just said (change in total energy = work done by friction...
December 16, 2007

One way that I found was knowing the force overcoming friction (Ff). so the equation to fin dthe work would be Wf = Ff * d.. as you said above (force*distance). But what other calculation would you use to find the wasted work without knowing the friction force?
December 16, 2007

There are two ways to find how much work is done voercoming friction. One method entails knowing the force overcoming friction. What other calculation could be done to find this wasted work?
December 16, 2007

October 23, 2007

October 17, 2007

C) Water may evaporate rapidly
October 6, 2007

i have to decide which one is more polar by using an arrow. 1. N-H 2. O-F 3.C-O Look up the electronegativity on a chart and take the difference between the two elements. The larger the difference the more polar.
April 8, 2007

How do I solve this? On my assignment it says find the area inside the square, but outside the circle, given that the radius of the circle is 2 ft. Use 3.14 for ^ I have a picture of a square with a circle in the square, with a base 6 ft. and height 6 ft. Here are the choices ...
March 1, 2007

word unscramble
lorco tyssme
September 28, 2006

Science (Chemistry!)
I just do not understand ANYTHING about multiplying/dividing/adding/subtracting significant figures! For example, the problem is: Solve the following to the correct number of significant figures: (5.039)(0.0074) What am I supposed to do? Just multiply the numbers? What does ...
August 31, 2006

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