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Find the ratio of the gravitational force on the Moon due to the Earth to the gravitational force on the Moon due to the Sun. (The mass of the Earth is 5.97 1024 kg, the mass of the Moon is 7.36 1022 kg, the mass of the Sun is 1.99 1030 kg, and the average Earth-Moon distance ...

Physics (please help!!!!)
A Foucault pendulum is designed to demonstrate the effect of the Earth's rotation. A Foucault pendulum displayed in a museum is typically quite long, making the effect easier to see. Consider a Foucault pendulum of length 16 m with a 109-kg brass bob. It is set to swing wi...

ou are the technical consultant for an action-adventure film in which a stunt calls for the hero to drop off a 18-m-tall building and land on the ground safely at a final vertical speed of 5 m/s. At the edge of the building's roof, there is a 100-kg drum that is wound with...

Suppose the vertical loop has a radius of 8.92 m. What is the apparent weight (Wap) of a rider on the roller coaster at the bottom of the loop? (Assume that friction between roller coaster and rails can be neglected. Give your answer in terms of m and g.)

speedway turn, with radius of curvature R, is banked at an angle θ above the horizontal. (a) What is the optimal speed at which to take the turn if the track's surface is iced over (that is, if there is very little friction between the tires and the track)? (Use any ...

v=sqrt (m*g*r)

v= sqrt (a*r*cos 50)

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