October 20, 2014

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A city planner is working on the redesign of a hilly portion of a city. An important consideration is how steep the roads can be so that even low-powered cars can get up the hills without slowing down. It is given that a particular small car, with a mass of 1110 kg, can ...
October 1, 2006

How do you figure this problem out? How many different committees can be formed from 5 professors and 15 students if each committee is made up of 2 professors and 10 students? THANKS!!!!! The limiting factor is the students. You only have enough for one committee. There are ...
September 25, 2006

Tell me how to figure out these probabilities In how many different orders can 9 people stand in line? In how many ways can 4 people be seated in a row of 12 chairs? Thank you For the first problem, we have nine people and want to arrange them in a line. For the first position...
September 21, 2006

Lattice method/math
how do you do lattice boxes with a ten and then a ones
September 19, 2006

help with websites and introduction asap plz
i have to write an essay on this topic: The constitution was an attemt to addrss the problems that existed under the Articles of Confederation. A) list and explain three problems of decentralized power under the articles of confederation. for each problem identify and explain ...
July 27, 2006

Three boxes are labeled peaches, apples, and peaches & apples. Each box is labeled incorrectly. You may select only one piece of fruit from one box. How can you do this so that you can label the boxes correctly? Three boxes are labeled peaches, apples, and peaches & apples. ...
August 31, 2005

The crests of some swells or waves in the ocean are 20 m apart. As they pass, a boat at anchor bobs up and down every 5 seconds. The frequency and wavelength of the water wave are Answer 5 Hz and 20 m 0.2 Hz and 20 m 20 Hz and 5 m 5 Hz and 4 m.
August 28, 2005

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