March 28, 2017

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If im trying to separate alcohol from water by distillation, is it possible if I heat the mixture to 100degreeC so water reaches its boiling point? I mean, is this method only workable if I distill the alcohol which has a lower boiling point first? What happens to alcohol ...
April 22, 2012

Biology please help anybody!
there's this a level question in a ten-year series book in 2008, the question asks what is the sequence in which it occurs: 1. polyadenylation 2. removal of introns 3. splicing exons 4. capping And the options given are: a) 1,3,2,4 b) 2,4,1,3 c) 3,1,4,2 d) 4,2,3,1 I've...
November 26, 2011

Please help, anyone! There's 3 types of gene mutation: substitution, deletion, and insertion, right? So what are '2 kinds of gene mutation that causes the protein to be not formed'?? I mean, gene mutations may cause non functional proteins, but that's not the ...
November 17, 2011

Solubility of gases
Can somebody tell me a list of (common) gases that are soluble, moderately soluble, and insoluble in water? I would like to know which gases can be collected using the downward displacement of water method. CO2 O2 SO2 H2 CO Noble gases F2 Thank you!
November 15, 2011

math- quick help!
uh... 7...
November 14, 2011

yup. For a piece of metal to rust fast, you need oxygen, water, and salt. Rusting occurs much more rapidly in moist conditions as compared to a dry environment such as a desert. Other factors like salt, O2 concentration also affect the rate of corrosion. The presence of salt ...
November 8, 2011

The information is not enough to solve the question. how can you have 3 unknowns, 2 equations, and solve all 3 unknowns.
November 7, 2011

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