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a body of mass 40kg walk to a step in 40. find the kinetic energy

light reaction

A small grill can hold two hamburgers at a time. If it takes 10 minutes to cook one side of a hamburger, and 5 minutes to cook the other side, then what is the shortest time needed to cook both sides of three hamburgers?

sin^2x + cos^2x = 1 from the above,we make cos^2x the subject of the formula: cos^2x = 1- sin^2x......................(1) substituting the above into the left hand side of original equation: sin^2x - ( 1 - sin^2x ) expanding the bracket and noting that - times - equals + sin^2...

x=10; length of diagonal = 54. EG=2*DH ( the two diagonals are equal and they bisect each other at the point of intersection)

preparing for an elocution
I have an elocution theme "united we stand divided we fall" can any one help me for preparing this?

theme united we stand divided we fall

Physics - grade 11
The sum of the first 10 tem of an a p t is 15 the sum for tem3125 fien the a p

ton cahier est le_______{mieux,meilleur}which one should i use?

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