June 28, 2016

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What is the effectiveness of having a straightforward diction in a short story? It's probably more realistic, especially if the story is told in a 20th or 21st century setting. If you want to know what the difference would be, read a bit of Shakespeare, and then read a bit...
November 29, 2006

TI-86 calculator
How do you afte entering data into the table find that equation of a line? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. If the following site, which is a tutorial, does not help you,there are other sites on the Web as well if you use a Search Engine searching for "...
November 27, 2006

how can you tell is something is in an informal styles of narrative writing what website can i go to learn more english and that can help me with the homework?
October 30, 2006

man alive! can someone check for me?
I am so bad when it comes to mathI I think I am slow! okay so my question is : a recrusive sequence is defined by tn= 2tn-1, where t1= 5 define the first five terms of this sequnce: so would I go like this to figure them out: 2tn-1, where t1= 5 so 2(5)(1-1)= 0 so the frist 5 ...
October 18, 2006

At Dec. 31st Prepaid Rent (an asset wccount)was 9000. On that same date Deposits (an asset account) was 900 The second one, from the viewpoint of the company manager, she would have an Account Receivable (from the company) of $3500.
September 25, 2006

any shape with 4 lines of symmetry and rotational order 2. A rectangle would fit that description. See http://www.icteachers.co.uk/children/sats/rotational.htm#Maths I hope this helps. Thanks for asking. i need some help on my maths and i am inbarresed to ask my teacher
September 17, 2006

Is the following a physical or chemical separations: salt water --> water+ sodium chloride Do you change the composition of the water? Do you change the composition of the salt. I can't say which because you don't tell me how you separated them. For example, if I ...
September 9, 2006

I looked and could not find anything on iron smelting? Could you explain to me why it is a chemical process? Iron ore is a chemical compound, it has to be decomposed into iron + other. Surely you jest!!! I went to www.google.com and typed in Iron smelting and got over 1 ...
September 9, 2006

Why is iron smelting a physical process? I didn't know it was. Go to www.google.com and type in iron smelting. Read one or more of the articles. You don't need to read but a few lines to learn what you need to know.
September 9, 2006

java programming
You need to provide more than a yes or no answer for this question. Consider both the selection sort and the bubble sort. If these algorithms will work with duplicates explain why they will still work. If they will not work, explain why they will not work. If one will work and...
July 29, 2006

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