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The density of water is one gram per cubic cenitimeter. What is density of water in pounds per liter?

The capacity of a large irregularly shaped vessel cannot be computed from geometric data. As a result, it is decided that the volume be established from analytical data. The vessel is filled to its capacity mark with calcium-free water. A known small amount of a concentrated c...

average rainfall per year in the ocean

what are you trying to solve harry

US history
Thank you! You made this a lot easier to understand.

US history
Japan borders the Pacific Ocean.

US history
I was thinking the Soviet Union. But I'm confused because I thought that Germany, Japan, and Italy were all Axis Powers.

US history
Which Axis country took control of several countries and bases in the Pacific Ocean in 1941? A. Germany B. the Soviet Union C. Japan D. Italy

How do you do linear equation

Golden Age of Athens Informtion is needed

do u mean Quechua??

hi... i need to know what the name of the native people of ecuador are called...and i also need a brief summary about them.. i need websites..and some information that u might know.. please help (urgent)...

Social Studies/ Writing

Social Studies/ Writing
hello. i need 3 good reasons about why segregated classes would be a bad change for schools. i need facts and opinions

Science calculations
2.52 m/s^2 is what I got...its a choice on the paper Thanks

Science calculations
An airplane must achieve a velocity of 71 m/s to takeoff. If the runway is 1000 m long, at what speed must the plane constantly accelerate? Can you show the formula for how you found the answer and explain how to do it.

but what about if you are comparing a movie and a book???

what do you mean by summaries in the likenesses and differences??? and thesis statement??

hi what should i include in my first paragraph on a compare and contrast essay??? please help asap

We are learning about space and my teacher won't tell us what dark matter is and i really want to know could you tell me?

world history
I have a question. after World War 1 ended did the economy grow?

social studies/writing
is this a good paragraph on the differences and similarities between the U.S. and Thailand??? When people hear the about the countries, United States and Thailand, the fact that they are in two different sides of the world is the first thing that comes to mind. Although one of...

what about a sentence for fuax pas


what would be a good sentence for erroneous???

Choose 5 activities you do daily and indicate whether the activity uses your sympathetic or parasympathetic nervous system. 3 of my daily activities are reading, walking, and writing. I need help thinking of 2 more. Also- How do I determine if the activity uses the sympathetic...

what can i do for you

Is blood a substance or mixture? Is iron a substance or mixture? I think blood and iron are both substances but my friend thinks that blood is a mixture and iron is a substance. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!! Substance is a very general term. Every piece of matter in the universe is a s...

lunar probes: what else does a lunar probe have other than a camera? i need to know today becasue it is for aproject and it is due tomorrow please help!!!!!! You will find a description of some of the first lunar probes that actually landed on the moon at http://www.jpl.nasa.g...

what are "public bills"?

i dont get how to do molar conversions? I hope this helps. 1.) Go to google. 2.) Type in molar conversions 3.) Click on the first link. This link has examples and the answers to the practice problems. To get better at these. Remember to keep practicing. If you can be more spec...

Okay .. Im working on Linear Equations and am VERY confused can someone help me solve this equation? (Remember its : Linear Equation) y=3x+4 Ok Gabby, this is a line with slope 3 and y intercept 4. Have you seen how to graph lines yet? (Incidentally, we can see it's linear...

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