February 8, 2016

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an urn contains 6 balls identical in every aspect except color. theres is one yellow ball 2 red balls and 3 blue balls. you draw two balls from the urn but replace the first ball before drawing the second. find the probability that the first ball is blue and the second is red
April 18, 2013

five factors that affect the rate of diffusion in GASES
July 1, 2011

A student drops a ball from the top of a tall building; the ball takes 2.8 s to reach the ground. 1. what was the ball's speed just before hitting the ground? 2. What is the height of the building? help please?
October 24, 2009

algebra 2
What are two different transformations that will transform f(x)=5x+3 into g(x)=15x-12? A) 1. A vertical shift 15 units down, followed by a horizontal compression by a factor of . 2. A vertical stretch by a factor of 3, followed by a vertical shift 21 units down. B)1. A ...
July 4, 2008

The size of an antler on a deer depends linearly on the age of the animal. For a mule deer in the Cache la poudre deer herd in Colorado, the antler begins growing at age 10 months and reaches a weight of 1.05 pounds after 70 months. Let w(t) be the weight of the antler for a ...
November 8, 2006

Economicsts frequenly use linear models as approximations fpr more complicated models. In Keynesian macroeconomics theory, total consumption expendiure on goods and services, C, is assumed to be a linear functions of national income, I. The table gives the values of C, and I ...
November 8, 2006

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