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1) Integrate Cos^n(x) dx 2) Integrate e^(ax)Sinbx dx 3) Integrate (5xCos3x) dx I Will be happy to critique your thinking on these. 1) Derive a recursive relation. 2) Simplest by replacing sin(bx) by Exp[i b x] and taking imaginary part at the end. 3) First integrate sin(yx) an...

1) Integrate (e^x+x)^2(e^x+1) dx 2) Integrate xe^x2 dx Let u=(e^x+x) du=(e^x +1) dx I will be happy to critique your work or thinking. You are posting work for me to do, and I am not inclined to do that, it will not help you for me to do it. I think I gave you strong hints on ...

Integral calculus
A particle is put inside an accelerator at time t=0. After t sec, its velocity is 10^5t^2 m/s. How far does the particle move during the first 10**-2 sec? distance= int velocity dt = INT 1E5 t^2 dt limits 0 to 1E-2 sec

Integral calculus
Please can anyone help with the following problems - thanks. 1) Integrate X^4 e^x dx 2) Integrate Cos^5(x) dx 3) Integrate Cos^n(x) dx 4) Integrate e^(ax)Sinbx dx 5) Integrate 5xCos3x dx The standard way to solve most of these integrals is using partial integration. So, look u...

Computer - Programming
Please how can I use WATFOR 77 software to code and run the following Fortran program: INTEGER SUM SUM = 0 DO 10 D = 1,7 IF (K.GT.3) THEN SUM = SUM + K ELSE SUM = SUM * K ENDIF PRINT* , SUM 10 CONTINUE END Oh My!!!! Tell me where they are still using Fortran?!?! The people tha...

A small boy of mass 0.2kg moves uniformly in a circle on a horizontal frictionless surface, attached by a cord 0.2m long to a pin set in the surface. If the body makes two complete revolutions per second, find the force P exterted on it by the cord. The speed of the boy is V =...

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