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b, august of course come on!


un eleve

2. les orteilles

Physics - Vertical Motion
fg +fps = ma where fg is the force due to gravity fps is the force due to the person on the scale ma is the submission of the forces of Fy re-arrange the formula to find Fps.

Physics 30
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Physics 30
A particle accelerated by a potential difference enters a velocity selector. The particle travels staright when the magnetic field is 0.400 T and the electric field is 6.30 x 10^5 V/m. Once the electric field is turned off, a sensor determines that the radius or the particle&#...

how does a cloud that is charged with electrons form? What is the charge (positive or negative) of such cloud?

algebra 3

I Asked My Friend, But Thanks Anyways !!! =)

Come Again? =S Can You Write the way to the answer please :) THANK YOUUU <3

A car of mass 600 kg is travelling at 10m/s. when brakes are applied, it comes to rest in 10 M. what is the average force exerted by the brakes?

never mind, i figured it out. thanks

can you explain in detail because i tried to follow along with what my professor taught in class, but i couldnt understand anything.

Three equal charges are placed at the corners of an equilateral triangle 0.46 m on a side. What are the magnitude of the force on each charge if the charges are each -4.1×10-9 C?

Three equal positive point charges of magnitude Q = 4.00ì C are located at three corners of a square of edge length d = 6.9 cm. A negative charge -14.00ì C is placed on the fourth corner. At the position of the negative charge, what is the magnitude of the electr...

Math..number string

the question gives a F(x), the force acting on a car vs t(s). It asks you to find in unit-vector notation p (momentum) I know that p is the area under the curve, but how would you write this in unit vector notation?

Human Geography
What is cultural landscape analysis?

social studies
How oil is obtained?

A space vehicle is traveling at 4100 km/h relative to Earth when the exhausted rocket motor is disengaged and sent backward with a speed of 76 km/h relative to the command module. The mass of the motor is four times the mass of the module. What is the speed (in km/h) of the co...

In February 1955, a paratrooper fell 370 m from an airplane without being able to open his chute but happened to land in snow, suffering only minor injuries. Assume that his speed at impact was 62 m/s (terminal speed), that his mass (including gear) was 71 kg, and that the mag...

an overhead view of the path taken by a 0.162 kg cue ball as it bounces from a rail of a pool table. The ball's initial speed is 1.11 m/s, and the angle è1 is 64.7°. The bounce reverses the y component of the ball's velocity but does not alter the x componen...

how would I solve 5x+7=42


Writing variables and hypothesses What about them? i dont even understand them and i have to make up 4 variables and hypothesses about independent and dependent variables i dont even understand them and i have to make up 4 variables and hypothesses about independent and depend...

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