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home economics, life science, mathematics and tourism
What career is ther when taking those subjects

angle PQS + angle SQR= 90 so, 4+7a+9+4a=90 7a+4a=90-4-9 11a=77 a=7 check: PQS= 4+7a 4+7(7)=53 SQR= 9+4a =9+4(a)=37 53+37=90

angle PQS + angle PQR= 90 so, 4+7a+9+4a=90 7a+4a=90-4-9 11a=77 a=7 check: PQS= 4+7a 4+7(7)=53 PQR= 9+4a =9+4(a)=37 53+37=90

how do lipids move through the body so they can be digested and absorbed? How are lipids stored in the body? Explain your answer.

Simplify: -1+9(5-3m) Solve 10=10-2m Solve: 4b<_-2/3 Simplify: 6v-8-6v+16

physical science
How do I keep an acid or base from producing heat and splattering?

What combination of precision and accuracy is the most desirable for any measurement? What combination is least desirable? I'm not exactly sure how I should answer this question. Please help if you can!

8th grade physical science
A student measured the mass of an object and obtained the following results: 10.1 g, 11.0 g, and 10.5 g. The actual mass of the object was 10.6 g. a. What should the student report as the mass of the object? My answer: The student should report the mass as 10.5, because that i...

US History
1.)Describe the events surrounding Abraham Lincoln's death? 2.)Describe the 3 plans for Reconstruction. ( Lincoln, Johnson, Radical Reconstruction)? 3.) Why was the Radical Republican plan so different than Abraham licoln's? 4.) Why was Andrew Johnson Impeached? 6.) De...

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